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Claire Whitley

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'Kingman Flower' art show opens Friday

Wildflower season has produced several beautiful works of art, from photos to watercolors to quilted lilies.

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Editorial: After a year, Barbie and Ken get another update

In February of 2016, one iconic body changed dramatically.

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Mohave County Judge Steven Conn retires after 40 years

The "Casablanca" fan waited until the last possible minute to give up his bench

People might describe his bench attitude as sarcastic, but the Honorable Judge Steven Conn said he just likes doesn’t like to be overly serious.

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Editorial: This Idaho girl isn’t handling the heat well

It’s gonna be over 100 degrees again today.

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Hoover Dam turns into a runway

When most people see the Hoover Dam, they don’t think high fashion.

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For the Marinos, photography is about capturing moments

It’s a passion, an art and a business for the husband and wife team

Life is full of happy accidents.

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Editorial: Let’s Make Sure Tourist Dollars Don’t Slip Through Our Fingers

Tourist. A word that, for many, means long lines, gawking outsiders and obstructed pathways.

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Editorial: Three things I learned from classic movies

Entertainment media can be very influential, especially on young people.

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Column: We Should Be Marketing to the Millennials

The Millennial generation is the biggest in U.S. history – yes, even bigger than the Baby Boomers.