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Sportsmen: Send us your stories, photos

I can’t believe how quickly 2016 came to an end and here we are half way through the month of January in 2017.

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Dunton’s ram came close to making the record book

Drawing a sheep tag without maximum bonus points is difficult for most sportsmen. Some actually go their entire lives without getting one of the most coveted tags in Arizona.

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A rare white burro spotted in Cool Springs area

White burros are just one of the many color phases of burros found in the Black Mountains west of Kingman.

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Game & Fish needs help finding person who killed ram

The Arizona Game & Fish Department is seeking help in identifying the person(s) responsible for the death of a bighorn sheep ram.

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Diversity on display at hunter education course

There are now 32 new sportsmen and women from all over the United States, and even one from Australia, who attended a Supplemental Hunter Education class at the Mohave Sportsman’s Club 7 Mile Range on Saturday.

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Obama monument decision stuns many; worries remain

In a move that stunned many Arizonans, it has been reported that the staff of current President Barack Obama has sent word that he will not move forward in designating the area in and around the Grand Canyon as a national monument.

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Desert destruction is not the only negative impact caused by burros

Two of the feral animals killed on road to Oatman

For the past three weeks I have been involved in a desert bighorn sheep hunt in Game Management Unit 15D in western Mohave County.

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Young hunter Karli Moline gets her first buck

Many young hunters start out their careers as soon as they are old enough.

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Sometimes, the hunt turns into sight-seeing, exploration

I have been on a desert bighorn sheep hunt for the past two weeks in game management Unit 15D, which encompasses the area from Highway 68 to the north all the way to Interstate 40 on the south.

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Bird hunting season now open

Now that most of the Arizona big game seasons are over, Arizona sportsmen have the opportunity to turn their attention to the many small game that include hunting for rabbits, quail, doves and waterfowl.

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Don Martin gets the 'best birthday present' of his 66 years: hunting with his grandson

Every year of our lives we celebrate our birthday.

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Buck taken in the last hour of the last day of the season

Thompson’s success due to high pain threshold, patience, perseverance

Last week in part one of a two part story about a deer hunt on the North Kaibab, I told you about the exploits of Peoria resident Rick Thompson.

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10 days on the Kaibab in search of The Big One

Peoria resident Rick Thompson set his sights on harvesting an ‘exceptional’ buck mule deer

I just got back from a long 10-day mule deer hunt on the Kaibab in northern Arizona. It was a hunt filled with exciting experiences and things that we as sportsmen live for.

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Cobb takes buck of a lifetime on deer hunt

Just ask about any veteran hunter who helps out others on their hunts, and they will tell you that they get a greater feeling of pride and accomplishment when others take an animal.

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Sisters enjoy successful elk hunts

Hunting is a family sport that many in our area participate in. Each year Kingman residents, including younger family members, put in for big game tags.

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Girl’s first deer hunt puts meat in the freezer

In the past few weeks we’ve read stories about friends and family and their exploits on hunting deer and elk.

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First-time hunter bags a big buck

Each fall, a lot of Kingman area parents introduce their children to the time honored sport of hunting.

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Arizona Strip deer hunt will unite generations

Scouting trip turned up scant evidence of mulies

This past week I have had the opportunity, along with fellow Kingman resident Fred Bianes, to do some scouting on the world famous Arizona Strip, Unit 13B.

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Not all hunts are ‘successful,’ and that can be a good thing

This fall has produced a lot of critters that are in local hunters’ freezers and at taxidermy shops, but hunts don’t always end with a critter being taken by a sportsman.

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Another memorable buck for Dudleys

Every couple of years I hear about one of the members of the Dudley family in Kingman taking a big buck on a hunt in their favorite game management unit, Unit 18A.

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Kirkwood finds fishing, tournaments fulfilling

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, many upwardly mobile professionals choose to not stay with a company for any period of time. It’s just the way it is.

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Hunter Ed. grads find success on junior antlerless hunt

Going on your first big game hunt is always special for young sportsmen. It is also very special to their parents.

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The Great Outdoors: A pre-fish story - Scroggins lands a big one

Donnie Scroggins and his father, Ray, went out on Lake Mohave to pre-fish for a bass tournament with the Kingman Bass Club on Saturday morning.

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A few notes on Kingman’s outdoor scene; Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas

This week I’ve found a lot of short, but interesting stories to bring to your attention.

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Holloway’s first bow hunt a ‘huge’ success

A young outdoorsman has many firsts in their lives.

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Early rifle elk hunts have started

Last Friday marked the start of the early rifle bull elk hunts in game management units all over Northern Arizona.

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The Great Outdoors: Antelope hunt a tough challenge for archer Star Metten

It is no secret that trying to take a wise old antelope buck with stick and string is a tough proposition.

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Desert Bighorn Sheep Society holds ‘Ram Recognition Banquet’

The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society holds a banquet each year in which it recognizes the successful sheep hunters for the previous year.

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Dove season was hit or miss for Mohave hunters

The first of two fall dove seasons will close on Thursday, and from reports I’ve heard, the success of most hunters in the Kingman area were just fair to poor.

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*Update* - The Great Outdoors: Archer’s skill – and a little luck – brought down antelope

Ask about any archer what they think is the toughest big game animal to harvest with a bow and arrow and I bet most of them will say it is the pronghorn antelope.

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Arizona Strip produces buck of a lifetime for Cody Jalbert

This story starts earlier this year when local sportsman and guide Cody Jalbert and his father, Brian, who lives in Youngtown, put into together for a pair of the 25 archery deer tags that were offered this year in Unit 13B, the Arizona Strip.

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Early dove season begins on Thursday

Thursday will mark the opener of the 2016 early season dove hunt in Arizona.

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Dozens graduate from latest hunter education class

Eight adults, 29 youngsters join ranks of safe, ethical hunters

Teaching sportsmen, young and old alike, to be safe, responsible, and ethical are the goals of the Kingman team of the Arizona Hunter Education program.

Coaches looking for clay target shooters

If your child would like to learn the exciting sport of clay target shooting, them the Desert Bighorns’ coaches would like to talk to you.

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The Great Outdoors: Hunters don’t let physical challenges keep them down

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Mesa and be involved with a couple of seminars that I really enjoyed doing.

‘Feral exotic’ dove hunt a success

The Arizona Game & Fish Department defines feral exotic animals as an animal or bird that are not native to Arizona and that competes with native animals or birds for the essentials to survive; food, water, shelter and space. One such exotic bird that is all over the Arizona’s landscape is the Eurasian collared dove.

The Great Outdoors: The many stages of a hunter’s life

Recently I was involved in an exchange on Facebook with a young Kingman man who had posted some pictures of some really nice mule deer bucks that he had taken in the past in Unit 18A.

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A rare fish story

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Chmiel, the Arizona Game and Fish Region 3 aquatics program supervisor, about a fish I had caught in Lake Mead.

Letter of thanks: OK, so they like their new home

Thank you, Fripps Construction, for our beautiful new home.

Letter: Chase leaves unanswered questions

I am shocked at reading of the needless death of Linda Chevalier. A more godly and giving person does not exist.