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Chance family takes KFFA win/Olivas family wins largemouth division

The weather wasn’t the best for this year’s Kingman Firefighter’s Association overnight fishing tournament at Lake Mead, but several teams proved that good anglers can overcome Mother Nature.

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First striper trip of the year on the ‘new’ Lake Mead

The first trip of the year to Lake Mead is always exciting and yet for me, a trip full of trepidation.

Elk tags still available in “Low Density” elk hunt areas

The Arizona Game & Fish Department is now accepting paper applications for the 2017 draw for deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall bison and pheasant tags.

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Kingman anglers advance to big money tourney on Roosevelt Lake this weekend

A few weeks ago a number of teams from Kingman participated in the Wild West Bass team tournament out of Callville Bay on Lake Mead.

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Alamo Lake trips full of surprises

Every spring I try to get down to Alamo Lake on the southern border of Mohave County to enjoy the fishing there.

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BOS nixes changing Mohave County seal that would have

I guess I am not really surprised, but at last Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the proposal to change the seal of Mohave County from an elk to a desert bighorn sheep didn’t even make it to a vote.

Major local fishing tourneys on Lake Mead upcoming

The first of two major local fishing tournaments will be held May 5-6 at South Cove on Lake Mead.

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Elk tags still left after fall big game draw

If you are one of the many sportsmen in the state that failed to draw an elk or antelope tag in the spring draw, here is some good news.

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Loyd, Miller win at KBC tournament on the Parker Strip

The Kingman Bass Club held its April tournament on the Colorado River on the Parker Strip and eight teams entered the one-day event.

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Hunting turkeys in Nevada can be a chess match

Hunting wild turkeys is a passion of mine.

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Premonition about boat-trailer trouble pays off

Professional bass angler Donnie Scroggins had a premonition of sorts as he drove to Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas to pick up his boat.

Turnout light for AzGFD hunt recommendation meeting

Judging by the light turnout of local sportsmen to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s hunt recommendation meeting last Thursday, where just six persons attended, one would think that everyone either agrees with the recommendations being made by the department or that the time of the open house wasn’t good for most people.

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Kingman: Why isn’t the Bighorn Sheep on the Mohave County seal?

Last week, I wrote a story about how elk made their way into Mohave County.

Kingman: AzGFD hosting public meeting Thursday

If you’re interested in seeing what the Arizona Game & Fish Department is proposing to the Commission as far as tags for this fall are concerned, then clear your calendar for Thursday afternoon.

Outdoor Notes

Don’t forget about the March Madness archery shoot March 18-19 at the Mohave Sportsman Club’s archery range at the club’s 7 Mile Hill Range.

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Kingman: Quinn Reaves earns honor graduate at Hunter Education class

The resident hunter education class that graduated during ceremonies in the clubhouse of the Mohave Sportsman Club at the 7 Mile Hill Range on Sunday was “outstanding,” said chief instructor Jim Rich.

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The story of elk in Mohave County

The other day I noticed a post from Mohave County Supervisor Jean Bishop where she was standing in front of the seal of Mohave County.

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Javelina hunts produce strange results this year

Each year I sponsor a Big Pig contest during the javelina seasons in northwest Arizona. Hunters who have drawn archery, HAM (Handgun-Archery-Muzzleloader) or general rifle tags in Game Management Units 15A, 15B, 16A, 18A and 18B are eligible to enter this event.

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Archery 3D shoot scheduled for March 25-26 at 7 Mile Hill Range

If you are one of the many archery enthusiasts in Mohave County, you may want to mark your calendars and plan on attending what Match Director Taco Esquibel calls March Madness.

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Utah sportsman has good luck and bad luck on Mohave County javelina hunt

Last week, I wrote about a situation where my brother Gary and sister-in-law Tammy and I assisted a hunter from Utah who had been stranded in Unit 18B east of Wikieup after a flash flood had inundated his camp and his 4x4 pickup truck got mired in the gooey, soft mud.

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Being a sportsmen means helping out

Over the many years that I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the great outdoors on various hunting, fishing or conservation projects, I have occasionally had the opportunity to help out a fellow sportsman who was in need

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Team Scroggins wins big at KBC tournament

Despite some inclement weather that got the anglers as wet as the bass in the water, the father and son team of Ray and Donnie Scroggins walked away with almost all of the money at the Kingman Bass Club’s two-day tournament at Martinez Lake on the lower Colorado River.

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Outdoors: Remington rifle recall not as serious as first thought

But certain models will fire without a trigger pull, so don't ignore notice

It is the most popular rifle ever made in America.

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High school archers spend time on the hunt

In the past few weeks we’ve read about several young men in our community who, with the help of some dedicated family members, have had some exciting hunting adventures in the great outdoors.

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Another Kingman lad’s hunting hobby off to a great start

Shayne Zumwalt is a 10-year-old fifth-grader at Manzanita Elementary and the son of Clint and Katie Zumwalt of Kingman.

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Young Hunter is a mighty hunter

It’s no secret that the future of hunting and even fishing is going to be in the hands of today’s youth.

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Obama appointee fires last shot at hunters, anglers

On his final day in office, Dan Ashe, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama to be the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, took one last shot at sportsmen in America.

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Bowhunter makes record book three times since September

Any archer will tell you that bagging any big game animal with a bow and arrow that qualifies for the prestigious Pope & Young record book is quite the feat.

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Sheep hunt produces big ram for local hunter

If you ask anyone who knows about the possibilities of drawing a desert bighorn sheep tag in Mohave County, most will tell you the odds are slim to none.

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Sportsmen donate tags to help other sportsmen

As an outdoors writer, I often hear stories about hunters and anglers from Mohave County. Most are about the hunts or fishing trips that sportsmen have gone on.

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Rains revive once troubled Alamo Lake; Game & Fish predicts good spring fishing

The recent storms that have soaked the state are providing some much needed relief for Alamo Lake, which is located on the southern border of Mohave County, according to George Knapp at the Alamo Lake State Park.

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Sportsmen: Send us your stories, photos

I can’t believe how quickly 2016 came to an end and here we are half way through the month of January in 2017.

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Dunton’s ram came close to making the record book

Drawing a sheep tag without maximum bonus points is difficult for most sportsmen. Some actually go their entire lives without getting one of the most coveted tags in Arizona.

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Obama monument decision stuns many; worries remain

In a move that stunned many Arizonans, it has been reported that the staff of current President Barack Obama has sent word that he will not move forward in designating the area in and around the Grand Canyon as a national monument.

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Game & Fish needs help finding person who killed ram

The Arizona Game & Fish Department is seeking help in identifying the person(s) responsible for the death of a bighorn sheep ram.

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Diversity on display at hunter education course

There are now 32 new sportsmen and women from all over the United States, and even one from Australia, who attended a Supplemental Hunter Education class at the Mohave Sportsman’s Club 7 Mile Range on Saturday.

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A rare white burro spotted in Cool Springs area

White burros are just one of the many color phases of burros found in the Black Mountains west of Kingman.

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Desert destruction is not the only negative impact caused by burros

Two of the feral animals killed on road to Oatman

For the past three weeks I have been involved in a desert bighorn sheep hunt in Game Management Unit 15D in western Mohave County.

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Young hunter Karli Moline gets her first buck

Many young hunters start out their careers as soon as they are old enough.

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Bird hunting season now open

Now that most of the Arizona big game seasons are over, Arizona sportsmen have the opportunity to turn their attention to the many small game that include hunting for rabbits, quail, doves and waterfowl.

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Sometimes, the hunt turns into sight-seeing, exploration

I have been on a desert bighorn sheep hunt for the past two weeks in game management Unit 15D, which encompasses the area from Highway 68 to the north all the way to Interstate 40 on the south.

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Don Martin gets the 'best birthday present' of his 66 years: hunting with his grandson

Every year of our lives we celebrate our birthday.

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Buck taken in the last hour of the last day of the season

Thompson’s success due to high pain threshold, patience, perseverance

Last week in part one of a two part story about a deer hunt on the North Kaibab, I told you about the exploits of Peoria resident Rick Thompson.

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10 days on the Kaibab in search of The Big One

Peoria resident Rick Thompson set his sights on harvesting an ‘exceptional’ buck mule deer

I just got back from a long 10-day mule deer hunt on the Kaibab in northern Arizona. It was a hunt filled with exciting experiences and things that we as sportsmen live for.

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Cobb takes buck of a lifetime on deer hunt

Just ask about any veteran hunter who helps out others on their hunts, and they will tell you that they get a greater feeling of pride and accomplishment when others take an animal.

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Sisters enjoy successful elk hunts

Hunting is a family sport that many in our area participate in. Each year Kingman residents, including younger family members, put in for big game tags.

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Girl’s first deer hunt puts meat in the freezer

In the past few weeks we’ve read stories about friends and family and their exploits on hunting deer and elk.

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First-time hunter bags a big buck

Each fall, a lot of Kingman area parents introduce their children to the time honored sport of hunting.

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Arizona Strip deer hunt will unite generations

Scouting trip turned up scant evidence of mulies

This past week I have had the opportunity, along with fellow Kingman resident Fred Bianes, to do some scouting on the world famous Arizona Strip, Unit 13B.

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Not all hunts are ‘successful,’ and that can be a good thing

This fall has produced a lot of critters that are in local hunters’ freezers and at taxidermy shops, but hunts don’t always end with a critter being taken by a sportsman.