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Motel employees become pet-sitters during dog owner’s hospital stay

Employees of a Kingman Motel 6 stepped up in a major way when one of their guests needed an emergency pet-sitter.

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The circus is coming to Kingman, but not everyone is excited

A long time tradition is making its way to Kingman, but not every resident is feeling festive.

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Beale Street Theater begins its facelift

The Beale Street Theater is asking for volunteers to help with the revitalization and clean-up of their new venue.

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Bow-Wowing Into Work: Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Pack up your pooches. Today is Pet Sitter International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day.

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City Council addressing golf course and water lines concerns

The Golf Course Management Agreement for Kingman was just one item discussed at a city council meeting that looked to the future.

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Palo Christi could be used for city offices or a boys and girls club

Kingman has outgrown its current city offices, and council members are looking to remedy the need for more space.

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Fireworks to go off at City Council

The City Council is taking a step toward lighting the fuse for this year’s July 4 firework celebration.

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Illegal dumping in the desert near Golden Valley continues to be a major problem

Calling the Trash Brigade

Wildcat dumping has plagued the Golden Valley desert for several years, and the mounds of trash continue to grow despite the valiant efforts of a local volunteer trash brigade.

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Kingman Airport Authority explains land sales at workshop with City Council

Members of both the KAA and City Council feel that the workshops are indeed providing progress and understanding between the two groups. “I feel like we’re making progress. I appreciate everyone putting aside their differences to help out our city,” Mayor Monica Gates said.

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Mayor proclaims Free and Accepted Masons Day

The Free Masons Fraternity began centuries ago with original members being descendants of stonemasons and craftsmen.

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