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12:16 PM Sun, Jan. 20th

Jack Hommel

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The prices we pay

Oh, the indignities we geezers have to tolerate!

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Geezeritis and its symptoms

Geezeritis (being a geezer) is a condition rather than a disease

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Sit a spell and have a chat

The old geezer invites to search out a geezer and brace yourself for some marvelous tales

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The ninth life of my friend’s cat

As much as we geezers enjoy telling and retelling tales of past adventures and conquests and tragedies, we sometimes are surprised by a tale of such love and caring that we get all teary eyed and have trouble finding our voices.

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How to be a geezer

Since living to an old age is supposed to be our reward for taking good care of ourselves earlier in life, I wonder, “Just where the heck did I go wrong?”

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Gratitude: It's worth the experience

Sitting on my front porch, working on perfecting my geezer act and enjoying yet another cup of coffee, I am suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude.

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Play YES, not SEP

A visiting friend recently jarred me with a term I had never heard of before.

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Knowledge versus Wisdom

One of the several privileges of being a geezer is that some people seem to think that we old coots are wise.

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Someone could get rich by inventing a way around the geezers traffic jams

While savoring my fourth or fifth cup of morning coffee (Boy! How I love to lead off with that), I reflect

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Let's get to mining the next mother lode

As I sit here enjoying my geezer’s third cup of morning coffee and absorbing the tranquility that abounds here, I wonder why this area is not just frantically busy with tourists?

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