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Knowledge versus Wisdom

One of the several privileges of being a geezer is that some people seem to think that we old coots are wise.

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Someone could get rich by inventing a way around the geezers traffic jams

While savoring my fourth or fifth cup of morning coffee (Boy! How I love to lead off with that), I reflect

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Let's get to mining the next mother lode

As I sit here enjoying my geezer’s third cup of morning coffee and absorbing the tranquility that abounds here, I wonder why this area is not just frantically busy with tourists?

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It's OK to turn off social media

That I am old and out of tune with today’s world is indisputable.

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Thankful for today's marvels, but oh, so thankful for memories

Looking back at the world the way we geezers do, you’d think we have had our heads surgically removed and remounted facing rearward.

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Looking back leads to a cherished future

A favorite, if unavoidable, pastime of geezers is looking back.

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A warrior's sunset

As I walked out my front door a few evenings ago, I was stunned by another of our spectacular Arizona sunsets.

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The grandest cathedral is out there

The question is sometimes asked, “What in the world do you people in Arizona see in that ugly brown desert?

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Feeling proud to have made it to Geezerhood

The good Lord has allowed me to hang around in this world for more than three quarters of a century now, and I enjoy the freedoms of Geezerhood.

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