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Blog: God Bless Phoenix City Council for voting to not be a sanctuary city

God bless our own state capitol, Phoenix, for declining to adopt sanctuary city status.

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Libs: No Exception for Christians

We have so left the Founders intent.

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Obama's last act of contempt

As Donald Trump Elect became President Donald Trump in a weekend filled with all things wonderful, including numerous references to Jesus Christ, a beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art” by a young blind woman with cerebral palsy that brought tears to many eyes including Melania Trump's (and mine), we later learned then President Obama had, as his last act, left a one-digit salute for the incoming POTUS, and basically all of us.

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Letter: Evil Obama?

For those of us who have known all along that Barack Obama’s actions are those of a petulant, immature brat, the following will come as no surprise.

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Letter: Obama’s shameful treatment of Israel

It is absolutely shameful that, as Obama is going out the door, he again sticks a knife in Israel’s back, this time in the form of doing nothing so as to allow the UN to pass a resolution (in late December) that, among other things, takes the Jewish state borders back to the 1967 war.

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The myth of Clinton winning the popular vote

I have already grown weary of the sore loser liberals claiming Hillary won the popular vote, therefore she really won the election.

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Letter: The desperate democrats are just incensed

The latest reported CIA findings are that the Russians hacked/leaked embarrassing emails of Democrat Party officials and top Clinton aide John Podesta to help Donald Trump win the election.

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Letter: Millions of illegal votes

Numerous statements have been made in the Opinion section about Hillary winning the popular vote. It wouldn’t matter except there are many who don’t understand the Electoral College that is most necessary for a fair election.

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For sore losers, a long four years begins in January

Concerning President-elect Donald Trump's huge win against all odds, I am hearing the sore losers bring up that Hillary won the popular vote.

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God's Divine Intervention in Trump Victory

First East Coast polls confirmed their belief in a Hillary win; leading in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio. It looked like a short night ahead with no signs of a change the first few hours. But at that time, not only in America but around the world, something was happening. Beginning in Jerusalem, Christians from everywhere had gathered in Israel to pray and fast for America's fate.

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Trump tops 50 percent in poll

Trump has now gone over 50 percent in a poll. It may just happen. In fact, it probably will happen.

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Letter: The potty mouth party

I’ve never seen such absolute hatred and filth spewed out at one person as I have seen against Donald Trump.

The Clinton Foundation Scandals

Of Hillary Rodham Clinton's 154 scheduled State Department meetings, 85 were with eventual Clinton Foundation donors who gave a total of $156 million.

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Beyond Mainstream Media: The Obama, Hillary house of cards is falling

As a supposed 100 million people excitedly await the Clinton/Trump debate tonight, it is becoming more clear that Hillary Clinton and those around her are running scared.

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BLOG: Vote no on legal marijuana

A great tragedy springs from the role in human history played by fruits and plants in our lives.

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Blog: John Kerry Uses State Department For Family Benefit – Sound Familiar?

Behind the Mainstream Media

Where have we heard this story before?

Beyond the Mainstream Media: TRUMP WAS RIGHT

This week, Donald Trump said Obama and Hillary founded ISIS. He's right.

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Is Arkicide Repeating Itself

Three weeks ago, Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democrat National Committee staffer was shot in the back while leaving his home at 4 a.m. in the D. C. area.

Beyond the Mainstream Media: WHO IS KHIZR KHAN?

Hillary and the Democrat party used Mr. and Mrs. Khan (and shame on all of them for exploiting the death of the Khan's son in Iraq