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There's a serious side to hoarding

I found myself watching “Hoarders” this morning.

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Teachers should get what they deserve

First off, let me say that I have the utmost respect for all teachers.

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Why do DUI drivers get bigger breaks than some felons

Try to imagine for just a moment that you are a convicted felon.

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Can common sense be taught?

So, I got to thinking this morning about something that has become a rare commodity.

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Community View | Marijuana battle up in smoke

Who can remember “Reefer Madness?” Yikes. That stuff was practically turning people into zombies!

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Give this Christmas, and then keep giving

This countdown to Christmas has gone by way too fast.

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A discovery while aging: The past was so much simpler

I have now come to the conclusion that maybe I am "Older Than Dirt."

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Saying goodbye to our dogs is never easy

Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows the pain of saying "goodbye."

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Take time to find your happy place

Wow. Fats Domino is gone.

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