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10:11 PM Fri, Dec. 14th

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Linda Varon

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The Great Gnat War

It all started about a month ago when we noticed the bathroom sink drain was slowing up.

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Commercials: Playing Loose with the Truth

So here I sit in front of the screen wondering just what to write about this week.

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Remembering Dad and the good ole days

Those who read my blogs have probably figured out that my dad had a unique sense of humor.

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If you're not coupled, pay attention to who keeps showing up

June is well upon us and that means lots of graduations, family vacations and, of course, weddings.

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Leave an obituary that makes people smile

If you read the obituaries as most of us do, you have probably never read anything unkind about the recently departed.

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Fathers are important components of a family

Now that we have all shared some lasting Mother's Day moments, it leads me to start thinking about Father's Day.

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From sharing Mother’s Day to bullying, social media has its pros and cons

Most everyone has an opinion when it comes to the pros and cons of social media.

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No matter your age, think before speaking

I have been what I call the "Keeper of Secrets" for most of my life.

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Let's spread a healthy dose of happy

Today, while enjoying another walk to the store, I happened upon a scene I have grown accustomed to seeing.

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Accept those for their character

By the time we are at and beyond retirement age, we should know how to eat healthy.

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Are we teaching children how to fear?

Have we become a society of wimps?

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words hurt, too

The stigma of being called stupid can actually stick with someone for their whole life.

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In a relationship or not, be happy

Is it possible for a woman to have a man-friend?

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If I Were King For A Day

What if you were the king of the country and got to make all the rules?

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I think I can call Kingman home now

Nothing like a few days of warm weather to bring on those thoughts of home.

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Blog: Good-natured ribbing and other reasons to laugh out loud

Being on the road with my sons and daughter in law is always an event.

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Lighting a candle for the one who lit the flame of love in my heart

I will light a candle in memory of my parents this week.

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Give Your Heart a Valentine

By the time we reach our 70s, we have seen and enjoyed many Valentine's Day celebrations, from chocolates and flowers, to engagement rings, to bottles of sometimes stinky perfume. We have taken those special trips, as well as shared many romantic dinners.

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Alarmed that I didn’t hear a thing

Having been an apartment manager for many years, I understand the importance of keeping working smoke detectors in your home/apartment even more than most people.

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A little gray is OK

A wise man once told me, "Everything is not always black and white. Sometimes you need to find a gray area."

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Just shake my head and move on

Sometimes we just have to shake our head and move on.

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As the anniversaries of my parents’ passing is approaching, it seems only fitting to share a story that continues to bring a smile to my face.

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It's hard to keep up with technology these days

I am the first to admit that I may be what some consider electronically challenged.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who's the vainest of them all?

I must admit, it is pretty difficult NOT to keep up with Kardashians

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Blog: Strike up the band - I'm getting a $3 a month raise

Word on the street is that we will be getting a raise in our social security. Woo-hoo.

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Love thy neighbor ... Or not

Most of us have lived next to the neighbors from hell at least once in our life. It may have been while owning a home, and you knew that you were stuck. Or maybe while your were living in a apartment and they were upstairs!

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Halloween through the ages (of the author)

When we are children, Halloween meant staying up later and eating too much candy. At my current age, it means hoping no one wants to trick or treat at a senior building.

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There's a traffic jam on Memory Lane

Sister and I were just talking the other day about how much we have seen and lived through during our lifetime.

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The things we do to put food on the table

Some people actually seem to work harder after they leave the workforce. I am not one of those people.

If you think the truth hurts, try living a life of lies

When I listen to various politicians on the news, it strikes me as odd when they "do not recall" certain things that they may have said or done. I have to wonder about this memory thing.

You Are What You Eat

We have all heard the old saying, "You are what you eat." Now that is a scary thought. How interesting would it be if we all actually did look like the food we ate?

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Joining That 70s Club

In just a few short months I will be joining the 70s club. I call it a club because most of the family and friends I hang out with have already passed their 70th birthday.

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Older Than Dirt: Going in for the Kill

Can someone explain to me how killing animals for sport is something to be proud of?

Older Than Dirt: Music and Memories

How is it that we can hear a song from 50 or more years ago and still be taken back to that specific time in our life? Perhaps it is your first boyfriend/girlfriend, first dance, first kiss and so on. Not only does it bring back those old memories, but we can still remember the lyrics to those songs.

It's all the Rage

So, what is it that pushes your buttons?