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Editorial: Enough pain for all of us on Tuesday

"Rich, we have a problem.” I agreed. It was less than 12 hours after surgery and I was in pain and wanted something for it. But the way I asked for it was an issue.

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Editorial: Flagging attention and the $1,400 Obamacare premium

I’m back. Hip, hip, hooray. Incorrect. Hip, artificial hip, hooray.

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Editorial: The Sonny, Ron and Ed Show

Well, now that we’ve found out Sonny Borrelli curses in conversations he thinks are private, it’s time to decide what it all means.

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Editorial: Deep-fried Twinkies? OMG, we’re all gonna die!

It was kind of refreshing to get through that Deep-Fried Hostess Twinkies story on Page 2B (or not 2B) without some health professional shrieking that one bite would likely result in a massive fatal heart attack, and that two bites would be even worse for you.

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Editorial: Water needs a price on a par with its value

About an hour past sunset I stepped out the back door for some quiet time and was startled to see someone in one of the lawn chairs. I couldn't make out his features due to the dark, but when he spoke I knew who it was.

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