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Editorial: Pride, lies and hypocrisy

It was a fun-filled Friday (Thursday for us) learning all about the Women Making History this year.

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Editorial: Hang on to your wallet, they’re coming back for more

I shook my head in disbelief months ago when the Arizona Education Finance Amendment was passed by the voters last May.

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A New Weapon in the War on Varmints

You’re allowed to when your livestock is in danger, and you’re allowed to when your life is in danger.

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Column: Am I liking the governor?

I’m not supposed to like this guy. He’s done some things that have made me squint with concentration wondering what, exactly, was the catch.

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Column: It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and I’m not wearing Milk-Bone underwear

First of all, my apologies to Norm for hijacking one of his best quotes.

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Here’s to drinking ‘Cool Water’ for years to come

I’ve walked this earth the past 42 years with a peculiar habit going on in between my years.

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Column: Hanging our hats on the good things

We learned there is a lot we can hang our hats on here in Kingman. It’s one thing when we feel good about ourselves and where we live.

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Don’t let a good start go to the dogs

It’s a good start, and the expectation should be placed on those in leadership to keep it going.

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Editorial: I’m supposed to feel hope, aren’t I?

In my personal life, I had one of the greatest Decembers in the history of Shawn. The only other one that can compare, I reckon, is December of 1964 when I was born.

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