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Prep Football: Big plays sink Lee Williams in season opener

Lake Havasu scores 3 TDs of at least 68 yards in 34-14 win

A new cliché making the rounds in sports circles is you either “win or learn.”

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Governor confident voters will judge record with four more years

“We were able to do all that, and everyone is saying ‘we need more,’” Ducey said. “I agree we need more, but I want to make sure that these dollars flow to the right places and are getting to the teachers. We’re focused on results and outcomes in our classrooms.”

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Secrets revealed: Longtime Kingman resident speaks and shows photos of the most difficult day in Kingman’s history: July 5, 1973

Jim Mc Milon was busy on this day 45 years ago when 13 people, including 11 volunteer firefighters, perished in the Doxol explosion.

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United Pentecostal Church changes name to First Pentecostal Church

A former member of United Pentecostal Church was unhappy with the church at 2498 E. Northern Ave. continuing to use that name after it dropped its membership in February 2017 from the state and international associations.

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Steven Madrid’s family in Iowa wants answers about his death

His family will be the first to say their son and brother wasn’t living the best life. He was struggling with the demon of addiction and most likely was acting out in order to feed his dependency.

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He isn’t Superman. He’s a Dad.

He’s loving, encouraging, and sometimes, even fair

“I knew I wanted to be a dad.” And that is exactly what Gabe Otero, 37, has become. While the single father of four does everything for the sake of his kids, he’s the first to acknowledge he couldn’t do it without them.

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Column | ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone’

Somewhere along the trip of more than 53 laps around the bright yellow orb in the sky, I’ve been taught that “when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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Column | When you hear them roar, it’s time to run

I was working for an amenities company when the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino opened in Las Vegas in 1993.

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New conflict of interest accusations fly at NACFD meeting

Amid one board member pleading guilty, and another with the fire chief facing misuse of public funds and conflict of interest charges, more accusations flew at Thursday’s Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District Board of Directors meeting.

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We the People: Marshall-Brennan Club at Lee Williams High competes constitutionally

Ava is a transgender high school girl, who has yet to have any of the necessary surgeries.

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