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Steven Madrid’s family in Iowa wants answers about his death

His family will be the first to say their son and brother wasn’t living the best life. He was struggling with the demon of addiction and most likely was acting out in order to feed his dependency.

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He isn’t Superman. He’s a Dad.

He’s loving, encouraging, and sometimes, even fair

“I knew I wanted to be a dad.” And that is exactly what Gabe Otero, 37, has become. While the single father of four does everything for the sake of his kids, he’s the first to acknowledge he couldn’t do it without them.

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Column | ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone’

Somewhere along the trip of more than 53 laps around the bright yellow orb in the sky, I’ve been taught that “when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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Column | When you hear them roar, it’s time to run

I was working for an amenities company when the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino opened in Las Vegas in 1993.

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New conflict of interest accusations fly at NACFD meeting

Amid one board member pleading guilty, and another with the fire chief facing misuse of public funds and conflict of interest charges, more accusations flew at Thursday’s Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District Board of Directors meeting.

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We the People: Marshall-Brennan Club at Lee Williams High competes constitutionally

Ava is a transgender high school girl, who has yet to have any of the necessary surgeries.

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Kingman's First Baby: Based on events leading to Adlee May’s birth, she may already have a chosen career

Don’t be surprised if we hear about the dancing exploits of Adlee May Anderson sometime in the future.

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Column | A Merry Christmas from jail

My golden age of television isn’t the same as the mid-1950s through early 1960s era.

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ACLU blisters the Arizona charter school system

The ACLU of Arizona concluded that “many Arizona charter schools have unlawful or discriminatory enrollment policies” in a report the civil rights organization released Dec. 14.

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Golden Valley and Kingman Cactus Cleaners are making progress helping the desert reclaim its beauty

Finding trash dumped in the desert around Golden Valley and Kingman is becoming more and more difficult because of one fateful day during the late summer of 2014.

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