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Wed, April 24

Dolan Springs man killed in wreck with tour bus

As Dolan Springs resident Vernon O.

Halvolson, 82, lay dead Monday morning inside his pickup truck after colliding with a tour bus, 25 tourists quickly hopped a second tour bus and continued sightseeing.

The 25 tourists on the damaged bus, who were unhurt, were already gone when firefighters and paramedics from the Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire Department arrived on the scene at 9:50 a.m., minutes after the first call, on Pierce Ferry Road in Dolan Springs.

The sightseers reportedly boarded a second tour bus and continued their trip to Grand Canyon West before emergency personnel arrived, Mohave County sheriff's spokesman Steve Johnson said.

The first driver of the Oasis Plaza, Inc., tour bus remained on the scene and was questioned by Department of Public Safety and sheriff's department investigators.

Later the tourists passed by their crashed bus and Halvolson's crushed truck as they returned from their Grand Canyon West visit on their way back to Las Vegas.

Mohave County sheriff's investigators are still trying to determine what street Halvolson was driving on when he reportedly failed to yield to the Las Vegas tour bus, Johnson said.

The first tour bus was traveling east on Pierce Ferry Road carrying the sightseers.

Mohave County sheriff investigators believe that Halvolson was either on Pierce Ferry Road and turned in front of the bus attempting to get to 21st Street, or Halvolson was on 21st Street and pulled out in front of the bus in an attempt to get to Pierce Ferry Road.

Black skid marks left by the bus stretched more than 50 yards on Pierce Ferry Road.

Halvolson's vehicle - a 1970s model GMC pickup - was completely caved in from the front.

The force of the impact snapped the undercarriage of the truck, causing it to buckle in the middle.

The trucks wheels were bent sideways.

The buses' front windshield shattered and its front entrance steps were crushed.

The accident remains under investigation, Johnson said.

There has been several recent problems involving tour buses traveling on Pierce Ferry Road, Johnson said.

Johnson said two tour buses collided along the road six months ago.

Also at that time, a tour bus driver was arrested and booked into the Mohave County Jail for criminal speeding, Johnson said.

Piece Ferry Road is heavily used by tour bus operators from Las Vegas to take tourists to see the west end of the Grand Canyon.


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