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Thu, March 21

City offers to pay for county complex study, waive fees and taxes

The City of Kingman has offered to waive sales tax and building fees plus pay for a study of a downtown site for the proposed Mohave County government facilities.

"That's good news," said Mohave County Supervisor Chairman Buster Johnson.

"That is more than fair and a great deal."

Johnson said that the study is needed before many questions can be answered about comparing the Shinarump and Downtown Kingman sites.

The council passed a resolution at a special Monday afternoon with concrete proposals for Mayor Les Byram to present to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors at the Monday Oct.

2 county supervisors meeting.

"Supervisor (Jim) Zaborsky has repeatedly asked for us (the city) to waive city sales taxes and building fees for a site in the Kingman City limits.

It did not seem to me to be useful to take a proposal to the board meeting that was not specific and would offer those to them," Byram said.

"If the county builds at the Shinarump (Golden Valley) site, the city will not get either the sales tax or building fees and would lose the buildings in the downtown location," he said.

The resolution begins with a statement that " would be in the best interests of the citizens of Kingman and of Mohave County to consider the location of the proposed county complex within the city limits."

The council voted to authorize the cost of the study - up to $50,000 - be paid by the city.

The county is reported to be in bad shape financially, so the council saw enough benefit to Kingman to offer payment .

The county has contracted for the consultant company that did the Shinarump/Golden Valley site evaluation to do up to three sites at an estimated cost of $35,000 each.

The city resolution commits the city to provide adequate sewer and water facilities to the site.

The Shinarump site would require the county to pay for water and sewer infrastructure to the site in addition to road improvements.

Byram said infrastructure at Shinarunp would cost about $6.8 million plus more for road improvements.

"We are obligated to bring water and sewer to any developed site in the city.

We are not doing anything beyond what we do for other development," Byram said.

The resolution states the city will consider further and reasonable concessions and cooperative accommodations with the county if the site selected is in downtown Kingman.

The resolution mentions infrastructure concessions and an intergovernmental agreement to effect the construction of the complex in a downtown location.

The city budget includes $500,000 for use in cooperation with the county in building county government offices downtown.

Previous discussions of the council have included use of the money to acquire property for the complex, for parking acquisition and to remove buildings from the site, if needed.

The county owns buildings in the downtown area that may or may not be located where the complex would be built.

Byram said it is difficult to be more specific on contributions from the city without a study and specific information from the county, part of which would be expected to be contained in the proposed study.


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