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Sun, Aug. 18

Krisintu is hooked on golf

Sonny Krisintu grew up in Thailand, never having had the chance to pick up a pair of golf clubs.

"I could never play golf when I was younger because golf in Thailand is for the rich people and I was just an ordinary person," he said.

Krisintu was introduced to the game of golf after moving to Kingman 10 years ago.

But things didn't start out so easy for Krisintu.

The first two times he took a swing at the ball, he missed.

"Finally, I hit the ball the third time but I barely hit it," Krisintu said.

"Since that time, I got hooked on the game and I have played it almost every day."

His dedication to the game has paid off.

On Dec.

4, playing at Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course, Krisintu finally recorded his first official hole-in-one.

Playing with five other golfers, he aced the No.

8 hole using an eight iron from 124 yards.

He didn't know the ball was in the hole until he got on the green.

"It feels very exciting getting the hole-in-one," Krisintu said.

"I was playing with five other golfers but in our group we didn't see the ball go in the hole.

John Shuffler was on the patio of his house.

After I hit it, he said that it is in the hole."

In 1997, Krisintu nailed a hole-in-one at Cerbat Cliffs on No.


A year later, he made one on No.


But, he said, they didn't count because he was playing alone.

In addition to his aces, he recorded a double-eagle on the par-5 No.

9 hole four years ago.

"I hit the double eagle with my 3 wood from about 250 yards and it went right in the hole," Krisintu said.

"That hit was even better than my hole-in-one.

I was going for the green on my second hit and when it left my hands I knew that it was a good solid hit.

I was pretty excited."

Krisintu usually scores in the high 70s or low 80s.

He best score for nine holes is 34.

His best score for 18 holes is a 74, which he has made twice.

"I get better every year," Krisintu said.

"If you practice a lot you will always get better and Kingman is a good place to play golf."

Krisintu, who is retired, plays daily unless the weather won't allow him to get on the course.

He said there's three reasons why he enjoys the sport.


1, it is a good way to exercise because I walk when I play," he said.

"The second reason is because I have some good friends that I play with.

The third reason is the competitiveness of golf.

There is no end to golf.

No matter how good you are there is always somebody that is going to be better."

On Sunday, Krisintu will be heading back to Thailand for a month to play golf.

These days, golf in Thailand is a popular sport thanks to Tiger Woods, who mother is Thai.

"At this time every year, I go back to Thailand to play," Krisintu said.

"Tiger Woods promoted the game in Thailand and a lot of people, rich or poor, are involved in it now."


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