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Thu, May 23

Cabbages and Kings: Bush inherited economic 'downturn'

I don't know about you, but I am fed up to here with all this talk about how all-fired terrible shape the economy is in.

Seems like the day after George W.

Bush was sworn in was the day the economic downturn began.

It was almost as if the liberal media "back East" was chomping at the bit to nail Bush on something just as soon as possible.

It came sooner than possible.

Lest we not forget, the economy's condition (and I still don't believe it's all that bad – at least in Kingman) was formed long before George W.

left Texas for D.C.

That means Clinton.

Just a reminder.

Bush, while not my favorite president, believes in developing our own resources before we seek fuel, etc., abroad.

That makes sense to me, even though we will sacrifice some of the Alaskan wilderness to do so.

Hey, people, at one time Europe was a wilderness.

When the population grows so do its demands.

While I'm on the subject: Every liberal who wants to give up his or her automobile to conserve fuel, raise his or her hands.

Thought so.

It's a long walk around Kingman and I sure don't see many adults using bicycles to get back and forth to work.

Or people using pedal power to get to Vegas.

* * *

I had to chuckle a bit at a story written by education reporter Terry Organ recently.

You didn't notice anything wrong with the story he wrote about a group of Kingman Academy of Learning students who were learning about the Grand Canyon.

Terry accurately described a lesson in which the students learned about mules (as in riding them to the bottom of the Grand Canyon).

The lesson had a few errors.

For instance: What is another name for mule: The answer is not donkey or burro, as the children were taught.

A mule is a mule is a mule.

Mules cannot have offspring of their own and they are a cross between a donkey and a horse.

Also, kids at KAL, mules are not only found in the desert.

In fact, I'd wager a day's supply of hay that most of the mules are not found in the desert.

They're plentiful in Missouri and elsewhere.

I knew a firefighter in Lake County, Calif., who raised mules and he claimed to have one 18 hands tall – slightly taller than a Clydesdale, I'm told.

* * *

Mark my words.

If Dennis Mahon – that so-called leader of the White Aryan Resistance – does move to Kingman, he'll be the focal point of a huge national media feeding frenzy.

We at the Miner tried to offer our readers a fair look at the story and how law enforcement and civic officials have reacted to the news that a racist of Mahon's ilk will be moving here.

But we aren't the "big city" papers or (thank God!!) television.

Just let there be one slow news day after Mahon arrives (please, Mr.

Mahon, not in Butler!) and the hordes of reporters, cameramen, etc., will descend on Kingman en masse.

It will likely be an instant replay of the McVeigh/Fortier media circus back in 1995.

Better brace for it.

* * *

A trough of Cabbages to all the mudslingers from the bigger papers who can't wait to sink their fangs into Kingman once again.

And I will award a King – and a Queen - this time around to John and Lori Davis of Golden Valley.

John and Lori sang the "Star Spangled Banner" and "I'm Proud To Be An American" at the Memorial Day ceremony held at Centennial Park.

They did an outstanding job and are obviously an asset to Legion Post No.


Greg Bucci is the Miner's news editor.


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