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Sun, March 24

Marvins Window: Mothers Day traditions important

I looked out my window Sunday and imagined a lady with an apple pie walking up the driveway.

It reminded me of a time when mom, apple pie and patriotism were the mainstays of life in America.

I have to imagine a lot of things on Mother's Day because all the mothers in my family but one are younger than I am.

The exception is my mother-in-law who is heading for 92 this October.

The other "mothers" are my sisters, a sister-in-law, daughters, nieces and a granddaughter.

So Mother's Day traditions are important to me.

They are the cherished memories.

Apple pie was not my mother's best recipe.

Blackberry cobbler was much better, even if I did have to go find the ripe, delicious wild berries.

When I was growing up in the dust bowl days in Kansas and the migrant camps in the Pacific Northwest, putting food on the table was more important than the cooking my mother did..

Mother was not a stay-at-home mom.

She took us to the fields to make whatever contribution we could.

All that improved much during and after WW II when jobs were available and she resumed a teaching career.

Imagine my disappointment this week when the news reports said a school in New York had canceled any further celebration of Mother's Day because some students have same sex mothers and fathers.

They just did not want to embarrass a student who might have a man for a mother!

How far do we go to be "politically correct?"

In this increasingly high tech world, children DO still have mothers.

Even a "test tube" baby is implanted and grows inside a mother's womb.

All these "cloned" sheep and other animals require a fertilized egg to be nurtured, fed and developed in a mother animal's womb.

The lab experimenters have found no way to "clone" without the assistance of an old-fashioned mother's help!

A school can cancel Mother's Day for politically correct reasons, but the persons making that decision would not be here without a mother!

Mothers are here to stay and I hope Mother's Day will stay in the tradition I have known.

It becomes a much more important holiday when mother is no longer here to share it.

It has become "politically correct' in this day of women's liberation to place a lot of life's goals for women ahead of motherhood.

I have no argument with any of the goals, but contend no civilization can continue without mothers.

Recent research underlined some undesirable elements of childcare centers.

Seems children are more aggressive when spending large amounts of time in day care rather than at home with mother.

China is developing a time bomb in their culture with a government policy that limits families to one child.

The culture prefers male heirs so couples check the sex of the unborn child and abort the girls.

The resulting generation is predominately male.

As many as three out of four children born in China are male.

Before long, mothers will need to be imported in China!

On a lighter note, my children's mother has reminded me more than once "I am not your mother." Being mother to children is great.

Being mother to a husband is a real drag.

That is the message I got regularly.

Guys, don't ignore the wife on Mother's Day.

Treat her differently than you treat your mother.

My Dad did not learn that truth.

I remember him buying things for the house for Mother's Day that he should have bought long before the holiday.

Dishes, appliances or tools for the shop spell "trouble" when given on Mother's Day.

Dad bought mother a camera one Mother's Day.

He picked one that was too complicated for her to use.

It did that quite deliberately.

Dad wanted a camera for himself so he bought one for mother.

He never did let her use it.

She never let him forget!

I am told that horse races on Mother's Day are a tradition in Kingman.

I am sure that many Kingman mothers enjoy the races.

My mother would have placed the horse races in the same category as that camera dad gave her!

Dad's male cousins who trained and rode racehorses would have loved the Kingman tradition.

Of course, they were not experts on what a mother would prefer.

Mothers are just about the most essential part of a culture that I can imagine.

I think mothers ought to be off limits for "political correctness."

I am sure China is going to experience great cultural unrest in a few years when the extreme shortage of available mothers becomes obvious.

They will begin to cherish the ones they have left.

From my window, Mother's Day will always be special, just like the "Mom" in my life.


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