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Tue, July 23

Marvins Window: Setting Suns

I looked out my window Sunday and was daydreaming about an earlier and better time for the Phoenix Suns.

I saw myself sitting in a loge seat at Phoenix Symphony Hall 14 years ago and booing when the Suns chose Dan Majerle as their second lottery pick in the 1988 NBA draft.

I joined the loud chorus of boos.

Cotton Fitzsimmons, then coach of the Suns, took the microphone and said, "You will all regret booing Dan.

He will be a great Suns ballplayer."

Cotton was correct about Dan.

He was totally wrong about the reason for the booing.

The Suns had two lottery picks in that draft and followed their usual format by not drafting a big man.

The team seems to have some great tradition of trying to play the game without a center.

We booed them for missing another opportunity.

Who can get excited about their lottery chances this spring?

The Suns will miss the playoffs after a long run and are rewarded with the lottery draft pick.

If they get anyone of real value, the "brain trust" that runs the team will trade him away about the time he is experienced enough to contribute.

I checked the NBA standings Monday morning and was amazed to see how many Suns' players will make the playoffs.

Former Suns traded recently by Bryan Colangelo and his advisors star for three of the four divisional leaders.

Jason Kidd took the New Jersey Nets from last to first while Stephon Marbury led the Suns nowhere.

Cliff Robinson was traded to the Detroit Pistons who won a title for the firs time in several years.

Steve Nash and Michael Finley are key starters for the Dallas Mavericks who were tied with San Antonio for a Western conference title as of Sunday.

I grant Colangelo has had some bad luck with injuries to some key players who are still with the Suns.

However, the current roster would never compete for a NBA title even with an injury free year and every player having a career year!

I have not checked the list of probable draftees coming out in this current college crop.

I guess I should include the high schools since so many elite basketball players are now going directly from high school to the pro ranks.

I certainly am not going to take time to attend the draft day festivities in Phoenix this year.

Even watching on television would seem to be a waste of time.

You know in advance that the Suns are not capable of using a top draft pick.

If they draw the first pick in the lottery, they would either trade or make some crazy choice.

About the only folks in Arizona that stand to benefit from the poor player selection now in place at the Suns is the Arizona Cardinal management.

The Cardinals look better and better as compared to the Suns.

It appears to me that Jerry Colangelo took the magic touch with him when he brought the Diamondback baseball team to Phoenix.

"Big Unit" Randy Johnson has been nothing short of awesome and keeps on getting better and better as he ages.

The addition of Curt Schilling was another good move that paid off with the first national title for Colangelo.

Jerry seems to have the magic only in baseball now.

Maybe he gave up on the Suns, too!

The only bright side I can find in the current Suns situation is some black humor.

Nothing they can do could mess up anything more than it already is.

Any move will make some improvement.

Cotton Fitzsimmons was correct about Dan Majerle and his work ethic.

He has given his best to the Suns and the Miami Heat.

I am happy that he was given the opportunity to finish his career in Phoenix.

I hope he stays around for a long time and that his restaurant in Phoenix is a great success.

With the Suns out of the picture, I can cheer for some other favorite teams and not seem like a traitor.

The San Antonio Spurs are the "good guys" in my book.

Dave Robinson and Tim Duncan are two great examples of talent, humility and excellent role models.

In this day of arrogant athletes who are paid too much money and given too many passes for bad behavior, Robinson and Duncan are winners who have earned the right to be champions again.

The Utah Jazz is likely past any chance to win it all.

However, a miracle for Karl Malone and John Stockton would be a great fairy tale finish.

I was a Trail Blazer fan for years and lived close to the current Rose Garden location even before the Glass Palace was built.

It was great to see them win a title because jack Ramsey was a favorite coach for me.

However, the joy was muted because it came with the arrogance of Bill Walton.

I will take anyone except the Lakers!


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