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Sun, Dec. 08

Marvin's Window: Summer is disappearing

I looked out my new window this weekend and was shocked to find summer rapidly disappearing.

It is difficult to believe summer 2002 is history and the first anniversary of Sept.

11 is almost upon us.

The plants in the garden knew the seasons are changing before I woke up to that fact.

About mid August in Kingman the temperature begins to ease and the nights gradually become comfortable.

Outdoors becomes enjoyable and we are let out of the summer prison of air conditioning.

The pumpkins and squash in the garden noted the shortening days and some of the leaves are turning brown.

Hopefully, there will still be enough new zucchini and yellow squash left by fair time in just a couple of weeks.

The pumpkins are maturing and our goal of taking the largest pumpkin to the fair is a real possibility—if we can lift it and get it in the truck.

First we have to establish who gets to enter which pumpkin!

Taking things to the fair is just as much fun today as it was years ago when, as a kid, I entered some really poor woodwork.

I did win a few prizes with pigs, cows and crop exhibits.

I will remember those days with a picture I am entering in the fair of my dad feeding my showmanship pig a snack.

It really was more fun when my kids were entering sheep, pigs, sewing and knitting.

Now it is the last of the grandkids entering animals in a county fair in Ohio.

Fairs mean fall is close and summer is about gone.

Labor Day marks the end of the summer season for most of us.

It is the last camping and water sports date for the family.

Does it seem to you that Memorial Day, the beginning of the summer holiday, was just yesterday?

Another sure sign that summer is ending was the annual picnics of the Mohave County political parties.

They had a little more zest this year because the primary election is just around the corner—Tuesday Sept.


As many as half those voting have, or will have, cast early ballots by then.

I find the party picnics in Mohave County fun and a great opportunity to meet candidates who have time to stop and visit with voters.

The informal setting lends a relaxed atmosphere where candidates act like real people.

For me, that is a great way to find out who the person behind the political mask really is.

The politicians still remain much more "politically correct" than the baseball folks.

The boys of summer could end the season-and summer- early with a strike set to begin Friday.

With the Diamondbacks on a tear and defending their World Series championship, Arizona fans would suffer more with a baseball strike than any other fans in America.

Please God, don't let it happen!

He may be the only one who can get these millionaires and billionaires to agree on a settlement before they cripple the sport forever.

Another signal that summer is over was once the start of school.

Classes would always begin after Labor Day.

Kids helped harvest crops in the "good old days" when people still knew what a farm is and where our food is grown.

Now, schools begin early in August while it is still too hot in Arizona to think.

Starting early seems curious and a little crazy.

So many school holidays are taken through the term that classes are still held when days are too hot in May and June.

I am glad my children finished school so long ago that I can hardly remember when all of life revolved around a school calendar, summer camps and Little League baseball.

Some summers, there was not a single week open for a family vacation! School starting was kind of a relief because we were all back on that school calendar.

At one time, I knew summer was over when the first college football games were on television.

Now some incoming freshmen play half a season before registering and attending their first college class.

OOPS! I forgot, athletes might not attend classes anyway.

Summer 2002.

Where art thou?

You have been a life changing and memorable summer for me.

You went away all too soon!

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