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Thu, July 18

Judge denies lawyer's request for copies of illegal videotapes

The prosecutor in the case of David Owens, the Kingman man charged in 52 felony counts including 12 counts of illegal videotaping, filed a motion Wednesday precluding the defense from obtaining copies of the videotapes.

Chief Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jace Zack asked Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss to not allow copies of illegal videotapes of young children be made for Owens' defense attorney, Michael Grondin.

"It's not like we're withholding the names of witnesses here," Zack said.

'That's not the case.

My experience over the years is that copies get copied.

It will victimize those children again."

Owens is charged with 10 counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of third-degree burglary, two counts of first-degree trafficking in stolen property, six counts of theft, one count of molestation of a child and 12 counts of unlawful videotaping.

Owens is also charged with 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

The incident that precluded those charges allegedly occurred on Nov.

5 at a Kingman residence and involved Owens allegedly possessing 19 computer images that sexually exploit minors under the age of 15 that were downloaded off the Internet.

Grondin told the court that his office would be professional if it had a copy of the videotapes and that it would be an inconvenience if he had to make arrangements with the police department to view the tapes.

"We want to have discussion in our office, not in the police department," Grondin said.

Weiss, in granting Zack's motion forbidding copying the tapes, said the victims' rights were greater than the defendant's rights.

"I'm not convinced that copies of the videotapes is necessary," Weiss said.

Owens allegedly videotaped seven different juvenile girls and an adult female in the Kingman area.

Some of the girls were allegedly videotaped on several occasions.

Owens also allegedly molested one of the girls that he reportedly videotaped.

The illegal videotaping occurred between June 1 and Nov.


The theft charges, for incidents between July 31 and Nov.

5, deal with property valued at more than $40,000.

Owens allegedly attempted to sell jewelry to a Northern Kingman pawnshop Oct.

9 and 16.

Kingman police detectives began investigating burglaries where jewelry was stolen in Nevada and sold to the Kingman pawnshop.

The Boulder City burglaries were similar to burglaries committed in Kingman.

When KPD detectives identified Owens as the suspect selling the jewelry, detectives searched Owens' home on Walapai Avenue.

Owens, 37, had been living in Kingman since August.

Allegedly stolen were several pieces of jewelry, including diamond earrings, necklaces and wedding rings.

Allegedly discovered during the search were videotapes of young girls sleeping in their rooms.

Owens allegedly videotaped some of the children through their bedroom windows.

Owens is being held without bond.


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