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Fri, Dec. 06

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More than 200,000 Poles were killed in a 63-day uprising in 1944 near the end of WWII.



and British troops were advancing on Berlin from the west.

Russian troops stood by just across the Vistula River east of Warsaw and watched.

The Russians would not allow Allied airplanes to refuel at Russian bases to assist the Poles.

Russian leader Josef Stalin said the insurgences were an "irresponsible act" that would set back the war effort.

Of course, we know today that Stalin intended to control all of Eastern Europe and drop the Iron Curtain from Berlin eastward.

On May 1, 2004, Poland entered the European Union.

Several of the former Eastern European nations are assisting with the war on terrorism in Iraq.

They know what it is like to live without freedom, and they know that the United States is primarily responsible for their freedom today.

We (USA) helped stop ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, then freed 25 million Iraqi Muslims from Saddam.

Yet, they seem to hate us and want to blow up New York City.

But, it took an attack on Pearl Harbor Dec.

7, 1941, to wake up this country.

We could have stopped that horror of concentration camps and 50 years of the Cold War by recognizing what Hitler was up to in 1939 when he first rolled over Poland.

Ignoring the lessons of history leads to reliving the lessons again and again until we learn.

The bully in the schoolyard never stops without someone forcing him to stop.

The bully in the world has to be stopped in the same way.

Today, the bullies are radical Muslim terrorists.

Warsaw saw 200,000 residents killed in those 63 days near the end of WWII while the Soviets stood by and kept us from supporting the Poles.

This current fight against terrorists is not the first time our "friends" have been more obstacle than help.

In the early years of WWII, following the invasion of Poland by Hitler's Nazi troops, thousands of Jews and others were slaughtered in the concentration camps that were first established in Poland.

If we had imagined Hitler's grand scheme in 1939, there is a good possibility we would have seen no Pearl Harbor, no loss of life in the Pacific, at Normandy and in Great Britain.

But, that was Europe's war and had nothing to do with the safe Americans behind the oceans.

Or so we thought.

President Franklin Roosevelt faced intense opposition in this country that delayed our entry in the conflict Hitler started in 1939.

Roosevelt recalled U.S.

Ambassador Joe Kennedy from Great Britain long before Pearl Harbor and sent others to get some realistic information about Hitler.

Ambassador Kennedy was dining with Hitler and telling us that Hitler was no threat.

Wars are always hell and people lose their lives or the lives of loved ones.

But, sometimes the difficult choice is the sacrifice of blood for freedom.

Someone did that in 1776 to establish this country.

More sacrificed lives in the four flights on 9-11.

My fervent hope is that this country will stay with the fight against the threat to civilization by those who have performed barbaric acts in the Middle East that now reach our shores directly.

To date, some of our citizens and political leaders have not recognized the terrorists as a direct threat to Americans.

Former presidential hopeful Bob Graham from Florida said the threat is greatly exaggerated.

Now, his party's candidates are saying they would do a better job fighting the threat.

To me, that is progress.

The events in Warsaw in August 1944 remind us of a lesson of history not learned in the beginning of WWII.

Remember 9-11, the airplane Libya shot down over Scotland, the USS Cole bombing, the embassy bombed in Kenya and the 50 years of terrorism in Palestine and Israel.

Thank you Boy Scouts of Warsaw for reminding me of the lesson not yet learned.

Marvin Robertson is the Miner's business/city government reporter.

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