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Tue, Oct. 22

Kingman Democratic official sees<BR>tough road ahead for candidate Kerry

Toni Weddle, left, and Kingman City Clerk Charlene Ware check paperwork for the March 9 city council and mayor elections.

It will be Ware's last election cycle because she is retiring April 1.

(Miner photo by Marvin Roberson)A Kingman Democratic official commented about the weakening campaign of a former frontrunner and the chances of the new leader in the wake of Arizona's presidential primary.

"He just imploded because he didn't have the depth," District 1 Democratic Party chairman Richard Glancy said of former Vermont Gov.

Howard Dean.

"He wasn't quite ready for the long haul.

Everything he did was new and unusual, it even surprised him." Glancy was referring to Dean's ability to raise $41 million, most of it via the Internet.

Dean received just 9.6 percent of the vote in Mohave County and 13.9 percent statewide in the Democratic Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday.

Massachusetts Sen.

John Kerry won the vote statewide and in Mohave County.

Glancy said Dean's candidacy has been ironic because he advocated fiscal responsibility but was unable to advertise on television in any of the seven states in the days before Tuesday's vote because of financial limitations.

"It was probably a fair gamble to shoot his whole budget on Iowa and New Hampshire, but it's a 50/50 gamble, and he came out on the wrong side," the Kingman Democrat added.

Glancy said Kerry's success can be attributed to his appeal to military veterans and because of the uneasy state of the economy, coupled with relatively high unemployment.

Glancy acknowledged that Kerry's liberal views will hurt his chances of winning Southern states, and consequently the presidency, because no Democrat has been elected without winning at least some southern states.

"It's a serious issue," Glancy said.

But he said if Kerry obtains the Democratic nomination, choosing a southerner as his running mate will help his chances in the South.

The biggest thing the party needs to focus on once a nominee is selected is unity, Glancy added.

"We need to heal from this fairly acrimonious preference (process)."

Kerry received 30 of the state's Democratic Convention delegates, former Gen.

Wesley Clark garnered 22 and Dean three.

The remaining 20 Arizona delegates will be released at this summer's Boston convention.

Following are the unofficial Mohave County results of the Arizona Democratic Presidential Preference Election with 100 percent of precincts reporting and a turnout of 21.7 percent:

Kerry, 2,528 votes, 47.4 percent; Clark, 1,460, 27.3 percent; Dean, 516, 9.6 percent; North Carolina Sen.

John Edwards, 453, 8.5 percent; and Connecticut Sen.

Joseph Lieberman, 269, 5 percent.

State results: Kerry, 95,885, 42.5 percent; Clark, 60,188, 26.7; Dean, 31,312, 13.9; Edwards, 15,609, 6.9 percent; Lieberman, 15,152, 6.7 percent; and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 3,644, 1.6 percent.

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