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Wed, April 24


Take time to checks facts on Yucca Mtn.

To the Editor:

This is in response to the letter in your May 19 edition titled, "Get on bandwagon against Yucca Mountain." This letter was filled with erroneous information about the Yucca Mountain Project.

First, the writer indicated that the repository is for plutonium.

This is not the case.

The "nuclear waste" destined for Yucca Mountain includes spent fuel from commercial nuclear power plants, government research reactors and from reactors on our Navy's nuclear-powered ships and submarines.

The other type of waste destined for Yucca Mountain is called high-level radioactive waste, which is a by-product from weapons production during the cold war.

Both spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste are in solid form (metals, ceramics and glass) so they cannot leak or spill.

These materials are not volatile.

That is, it is physically impossible for them to cause a nuclear explosion.

These wastes require special disposal because they contain elements that are extremely radioactive.

Some of these elements will remain radioactive for tens of thousands of years.

The repository will be about one thousand feet below the surface of Yucca Mountain and about one thousand feet above the water table.

The only way the waste could get into the environment is if water were to reach it, break it down into tiny radioactive particles and then carry particles through one thousand feet of rock into the water table.

Even if the particles reached the water table, the groundwater below Yucca Mountain is within a closed basin.

That is, the groundwater is isolated within the basin and does not flow into any other groundwater systems or into any surface waters.

The letter writer asserted that the waste at Yucca Mountain could eventually contaminate the Colorado River and other aquifers in Nevada and Arizona.

The geology of our region makes this impossible.

As with any issue that concerns people about their safety, I urge your readers to not listen to alarmist rhetoric but to take the time to check out the facts.

There are many reliable sources at the public library and on the Internet.

Teri Williams


Kids choose flying kites over television

To the Editor:

The 14th Annual Kite Flying was a success! All of those who attended had great kite-flying weather and enjoyed a day at Centennial Park.

The Kingman Daily Miner wishes to thank all of the people and businesses who made this day possible: the Elk's Lodge, Guardian Fiberglass, True Value, Safeway, Walgreen's, Bashas', Albertson's and Kingman Parks and Recreation.

We would also like to thank the Kingman Police Department and Taco Bell for supporting Kingman youth.

We hope "No TV week" will take off again next year.

Thank you to all of the participating teachers and students who didn't watch television for a week.

Great job!

Colleen Machado

Kite Flying Coordinator


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