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Speak Up - 04/28/06
Letters to the Editor

I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt

I am a recovering methamphetamine user. I am struggling each day for all the pain I have caused many people. First I would like to apologize for lying about my previous recovery time.

I lied repeatedly to many people including my best friend and my children, leading them to believe I had three years clean time while most of the time I had been using meth. I would also like to apologize for all the lying, cheating and stealing I have done. Although most of my victims are unaware of my actions, I still need to apologize for what I have done. I also need to give my most sincere apology to my best friend, who loved me despite what others may have said about me, someone who denied to everyone that I was using even though many people had told her otherwise, someone who trusted everything I said, even though it was lies, someone who I feel like I humiliated when the truth came out.

Due to my addiction, I have lost this best friend. Even though I am recovering now, my decision to get help came too late. The damage has been done, and I am not sure it is repairable. At any rate, for all you people I hurt out there, I am truly sorry and I hope one day you can forgive me.

This to my very best friend in the whole world, Renea, I love you with all my heart and soul, and I hope one day we can get past this nightmare I have caused. I admit that I am the one to blame for this mess I have created because I have a deadly disease called addiction, a disease that I can recover from one day at a time, a disease that can never be cured.

Tara Lucci


Re-elect Gates to keep moving forward

It was indeed a pleasure to hear and read of the Gates-Byram “flare up” at the Downtown Merchants Association meeting.

It is high time for the people of Kingman to become aware of the fact that our city is rapidly growing and will continue to do so well into the future – in spite of the good old boy attitudes of the “head in the sand” Byram years.

At the present time, our city is well managed and professional from top to bottom. Let’s keep it that way by re-electing Monica Gates. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have an “Uptown Merchants Association!”

In the meantime, could we have more news articles by staffwriters and fewer biased editorials.

Gerald Hayman


The issue is growth vs. no growth

Hooray! Kingman has finally hit the big time. All we needed to do was to have an incumbent mayor get unseated and wait a couple of years.

The Kingman mayoral race is now like that of any major city in the United States – full of unfounded accusations and attacks on the opponent’s character. Both sides disguise what the real issue of the campaign is with a bunch of buzz words, as if each is afraid to come out and state what they feel. The issue is “Growth vs. No Growth,” with the candidates being at opposite ends of the issue. The real scary part is I don’t know which candidate scares me more. One wants this community to go nowhere, while the other may want us to go too far too fast.

I live in Valley Vista. Although not part of Kingman, we are directly affected by decisions regarding the direction Kingman takes. My question is: Is either candidate the one we want leading us into the future?

Rick Veradt

Valley Vista

Kingman drivers need to be considerate

While driving around town for the last few months, I have noticed something: Some Kingman drivers pass on blind curves, tailgate, and for the most part, drive way too fast.

I’m not talking about just construction areas, just normal residential driving. This has come to my attention because of a number of reasons. First of all, my son has become driving age, so when he sees some of the things I do and other drivers do, he always brings it to my attention. Also, it’s being done to me. I’m not a slow driver. I’m usually right around the speed limit or a little over. To pass me when you can’t see oncoming traffic puts me, the oncoming car, and yourselves, in danger.

As Kingman grows, we need to be more considerate toward each other. This includes our driving habits as well as how we act toward one another. My only regret is that those who should be more considerate will probably not read this letter.

Cheri Smith


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