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Sun, Jan. 26

Mohave County Minutemen: What we are and are not

My name is Luca Zanna from the Mohave County Minutemen and I am here to thank all the Golden Valley residents who have expressed their support for our new group after the Aug. 2 article in Golden Valley Gazette.

I am a former legal immigrant from Italy and today a proud American.

Also I want to clarify some points for the people who have expressed their concerns about our upcoming political and civil activities.

1 - If you are an illegal alien and you are mad about our group, well, you just make my day shinier and happier, and I really don't care! It's time you start to realize that we, the people of America, are tired of invaders and you should go back to wherever you are from, and why not go back in line like all the other legal immigrants like myself had to do?

2 - If you are an American citizen and you are not sure what we are, and if you idealize us as vigilantes riding black horses at night, well, I am so sorry to disappoint you. Let me clarify to you where we stand, what we do and who we are.

First, we don't take the law into our hands! We are not vigilantes and we are not trying to become the new Charles Bronson in town!

We are simply a neighborood watch with the only goal to watch and report to our local, state and federal authorities every Illegal alien's activities in our communities.

Simple as that! Our weapons of choice are video cameras and photo cameras, maybe with a "magnum" zoom, and of course "smoking" cell phones to turn the Illegals in!

We are also a political action group. That means we are active in supporting good politicians who are against illegal alien invaders. Let's not call them illegal immigrants, please. And we will do everything we can under our 1st Amendment to make the political life miserable for the politician traitors on the payroll of foreign countries like Mexico. Our ultimate goal is to remove them from office.

We are not racists or separatists or anything similar. We are multi-ethnic and we include many former legal immigrants such as myself. We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to this republic under God, with liberty and justice for all.

And a final point: If somebody is so scared because most of us carry guns, I have one simple, boring answer that may disappoint you and your conspiracy theories: It's called the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights.

For the ones of us who decide to carry personal weapons, we do it respecting the state and federal laws. If today we are free individuals and we can exercise our 1st Amendment right without fearing to be slaughtered like cows, it's because our founding fathers gave us the God-given right to defend ourselves and our families.

If you don't like it, go to Mexico. The only people who can carry guns there are drug dealers and corrupted police on the payroll of five elite families. Regular citizens, if found with just one bullet in their pockets, can spend five years in jail! Viva Mexico!

God bless America and save us from this invasion.

Luca Zanna,

Mohave County Minutemen

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