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8:47 AM Sun, Jan. 20th

Illegal immigration is a federal issue

I can sympathize with Ms. Cone's unhappiness at seeing her Minutemen viewed as being in the same category as racist groups.

Yet while the Minutemen are certainly not as outspoken and violent as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Neo-Nazis and other Stars and Bars flag-waving groups, the difference remains one of degree and not of kind. To isolate one identifiable racial or ethnic group to determine if they should be allowed to live in your community certainly constitutes racism. If it is truly immigration that is the problem, then it is a federal concern. Better you should spend your time and energies on demanding that Congress do the job it is paid to do. Ms. Cone and I disagree on the definition of what constitutes racist behavior. Certainly our right in a free society. To say or imply that my opinion is ignorant is an unwarranted and rude comment that only undermines her case.

And for that, I thank her.

Liam Rooney