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2:53 PM Fri, Jan. 18th

Why is it that some can break the law?

Name-calling is the sign of an immature mind. Mr. Rooney's letter on Oct. 19 wasted no time trying to silence the Mohave County Minutemen, the people who are smart enough to see the writing on the wall, with labels of racist and anti-Hispanic rhetoric. Mr. Rooney and the City Council are living proof that common sense is not very common.

Is Mr. Rooney profiting by renting to illegal aliens? Does he use them for cheap labor? Does the City Council profit by refusing to protect citizens of Kingman and Bullhead City from those who blatantly break our laws? We may never know for sure, but I think we can make a good guess. I guarantee this; the wonderful citizens of these cities will end up paying for the lack of action.

For those of you who believe illegal aliens do no harm, please spend some time in areas with high populations of such; Los Angeles or parts of Phoenix, for instance. Crime is so bad that many people are afraid to go outside. Some are even killed from drive-by shootings inside their own homes. We have this to look forward to thanks to inaction of the city councils, which are in a position to prevent it in every way, yet refuse.

Mr. Rooney tries to make this issue one-sided by claiming the Minutemen are anti-Hispanic, implying that Hispanics are illegal residents. Mr. Rooney, I consider Hispanics to be legal citizens who abide by the laws. Almost half of Hispanics voted in favor of propositions targeting illegal aliens in the past election. In addition, the Minutemen have several Hispanic members all over America. So your erroneously worded letter to the editor shows again that you have taken the low road and used false statements to try to discredit the Mohave County Minutemen.

Why are some allowed to break the laws that the rest of us are subject to? If we continue to allow those who break the law to do so simply because they work cheaply or fill empty rentals, what's next? Child molesters allowed to work with children because some unscrupulous person is profiting by it?

This is the slipperiest of slopes, and the City Council just greased it up. We will have them, and people like Mr. Rooney to thank for the next few years of increased crime, over-crowded hospitals, increased taxes and all that goes along with the inevitable rise in lawlessness.

Daniela Strom