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Thu, July 18

Research into chemtrails is frightening

Maggie Passaro points out chemical trail activity in the atmosphere caused by military aircraft, she said. Her research indicates chemtrails pose a health hazard.

TERRY ORGAN/Miner<br> Maggie Passaro points out chemical trail activity in the atmosphere caused by military aircraft, she said. Her research indicates chemtrails pose a health hazard.

KINGMAN – Maggie Passaro and her mother moved from Phoenix to Kingman in August 2003 to get the older woman away from the stress and smog of a metropolitan area.

Unfortunately, they are not finding life much better here. The reason is chemical trails, chemtrails for short, that regularly appear in the skies over Kingman.

“Our dogs get phlegm that won’t come up, despite all their hacking, and mom gets pretty sick, too,” Passaro said.

Military aircraft are largely responsible. C-135 transports, KC-10 tankers and KC-135 refueling aircraft all put off chemtrails, and she has counted as many as eight aircraft criss-crossing the skies at the same time, Passaro said.

Passaro has researched a variety of Internet Web sites for information. She also takes many digital pictures with a camera with a good zoom lens and stores them on her home Compaq computer.

Several theories have been advanced to explain chemtrails.

One is that aircraft spray aluminum oxide or another compound that reflect sunlight in an effort to keep harmful ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancer from reaching the planet’s surface.

Another has a Navy application that permits viewing of battlefield terrain in three dimensions on a television screen but only works effectively over bodies of water. Effectiveness is enhanced over land masses by releasing an aerosol with a mixture of barium salts over North America.

The third theory holds they result from a weather control project of the Air Force that also requires release of barium salts. Radio frequency radiation is directed into the ionosphere to manipulate and test environmental life support systems for military advantage. Perfected weather control technology would enable the military to withhold rain or sunshine, cause floods, storms and drought, and even damage crops to bring another country to its knees without firing a shot.

A fourth theory is that chemtrails result from biological detection and decontamination programs of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. Barium salt and polymer fibers released into the atmosphere are irritants responsible, directly or indirectly, for a recent nationwide surge in nosebleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory problems and even an increase in arthritis symptoms.

Governments, including our own, have talked in the past of being able to control the weather by 2025, even to the extent of using it as a weapon, Passaro said.

“I began noticing chemtrails over Phoenix after 9/11,” she said. “I was told by someone in the military they had to do with covering up radar signals for the security of our country.”

Certain military aircraft carry motionless electromagnetic generators that are more powerful than lasers and release energy into the atmosphere, Passaro said. Scaler waves are created to intensify effects on weather and result in chemtrails that permit observers to see where the energy is going.

Make an inquiry about chemtrails to the Environmental Protection Agency, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, National Aeronautics and Space Administration or even to the White House and you get a standard “cookie-cutter” response that they are nothing more than the exhaust from jet planes, Passaro said.

However, her research into the components of chemtrails is alarming.

Barium suppresses T-cell production and makes the body more susceptible to infection. Aluminum affects the brain and is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Ethylene dibromide, another substance in chemtrails, is linked to kidney and liver damage, Passaro said.

Some people may pass off chemtrail activity as cirrus cloud formation, but it’s not. Chemtrails can be seen on days with 8 percent humidity and a dew point of 18 degrees, conditions not favorable for cloud formation, she said.

“Whenever a weather system is moving in, the military sprays 24 to 48 hours in advance and it sucks up the rain,” Passaro said. “That’s why we had that long drought period beginning in October.

“On the other hand, they can intensify any system if they want to.”

People researching chemtrails also are harassed by the military, Passaro said.

In late October, she went online to the Luke Air Force Base public Web site seeking information on scheduled flight training paths.

“My computer screen went kaplooey, just like Pay-Per-View when you don’t pay,” Passaro said. “A system error report message came up and Internet Explorer offered to solve my problem if I would send them a full systems report.

“I’m not letting anyone have access to my computer information, so I de-bugged it myself. But the experience was spooky.”

Passaro said 15 microbiologists, people with knowledge of or the ability to analyze chemtrails, have died worldwide under mysterious circumstances since 1997.

Passaro worked in the real estate and property management field in Phoenix and San Diego for 18 years and also tended bar part time.

She has been on disability for the past three years due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Those conditions prevent her from activities such as dancing, gardening and decorating that she once enjoyed.

Anyone interested in chemtrails may contact Passaro by e-mail at


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