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Tue, March 19

Disagrees with former writer's opinions

Dear editor:

As a free United States citizen and Golden Valley property owner, I take exception to many comments Mr. Virgil Heath has made in the past and specifically in his letter to the editor which was published in the Nov. 1 Gazette.

I do not understand where he gets off calling the valley "our valley," as though he and his so-called friends own the valley.

Mr. Heath seems to me to be an angry man with nothing better to do than harangue other decent citizens whom have a right to their opinion.

If Virgil Heath and friends is an organization, as the name seems to imply, it is certainly well hidden.

Mr. Heath does not seem to be well informed about incorporation. Even though he admitted that others do have a right to their opinion, he then goes on to his usual name-calling. Mr. Heath accused me of being a dreamer, schemer and want-to-be politician.

I am a dreamer, which all United States citizens have the privilege to be, but I am not a schemer or want-to-be politician. Mr. Heath does not know me and has no right to say what I am or am not.

I am certainly not a foreigner. I will tell you what I am. As I indicated above, I am a free United States citizen and, therefore, have the privilege of living wherever I choose to live.

I have also done my part to help ensure that I and Mr. Heath can keep the freedoms we have the privilege to enjoy by giving 22 years of my life to military service.

I moved to this area to be close to my dear, departed mother and have not been sorry I made the move, except for the rantings of individuals such as Mr. Heath.

I am thankful, at the age of 73, that I am still able to provide a considerable amount of my time as a volunteer to my country. Mr. Heath would probably disapprove of that also.

I have not responded previously to Mr. Heath's nasty letters to the editor because I considered them unworthy of response. He finally went too far.


Gerald J. Vertrees

Golden Valley


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