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Fri, May 24

Shame on you, Sen. John McCain

Dear Sen. John McCain,

You have been a busy man these days. Promoting the torture, rape and sodomy of detainees without habeas corpus is quite exhausting I am sure. Depleting the rights under the Constitution and cowing down to the Bush administration must take a lot out of you.

As a loyal American and a longtime Arizonan, I am ashamed that you are my representative. The mere fact that you call yourself an Arizonian let alone an American offends me more than I can explain here today.

I have held on for some time now hoping that you would rediscover the common decency that I believed you to once have. I thought any day you would stand strong in defense of the United States Constitution, our armed forces and humanity. Instead you have become quite the "politician," utilizing lies and manipulations to promote you and your party and discarding ALL regard for human kind.

You almost had us fooled with this one however. Americans thought "WOW" check out McCain standing up for DECENCY! We can always count on you to cave though, can't we. The predictability is sad and has cost America more than we will know for many generations to come.

I must wonder how it felt to hand the war criminal George W. Bush even more power. Of course, you have also pardoned him in every sense of the word. Bush can always count on McCain to be a follower rather than a leader.

You have not only failed America but you have failed God and country. Your actions against Americans and the world will not be forgotten. I prefer to know my enemies and you are now one of them. I regret to inform you that I am not the only one that feels this way! Shame on you, Sen. McCain.

Denise Bensusan



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