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Thu, Feb. 20

Government should make do with what it has

Reading the Miner recently, I had the opportunity to check what the redline on my blood pressure is. Not only did I get to read a very lame justification for higher taxes by KUSD Board President Mike Cobb, I got to read the bleating from one of the sacred piglets (Mohave County Manager Ron Walker) gored by State Senator Ron Gould's very accurate criticisms.

Regarding the argument for a bond issue (and tax hike) for KUSD, I have to offer an emphatic "No!" Why does government continually ask its employers (the people who pay taxes, remember us?) to shell out even more good money after badly spent money? If I did not see such a poor return on investment, I might be a bit more sympathetic. I think it is high time parents start shouldering a larger share of the cost of "educating" their offspring. The district seems to ignore people like me because I don't have any kids under their supervision. That's funny because they sure don't mind taking my tax dollars.

Regarding Mr. Walker's letter, I can only laugh that he seems to think he is above criticism and accountability. Government has certain responsibilities, and the ones cited in the letter fall under those. The problem is that when local governments spend money on other things they should not be funding, they feel the need to threaten taxpayers that they cannot fund what they should be funding unless taxpayers back off on the tax revolt (the new jail, perhaps?). It would be the same as blowing your paycheck in Laughlin then whining that you aren't paid enough. The only difference is that local government is buying votes with the money and putting us in the red rather than betting on red, which has better odds of paying off.

I'm sorry piglets, you are going to have to make do with what you have. Like any other citizen, I could use more money but I have to earn more rather than just ask for it.

I would gladly vote to give your pay to Gould if it were put to a vote. We need more people in government like him, not like you.

Raymon Handy


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