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Fri, Jan. 24

DB Fine Foods delivers quality meats with a smile

Here’s the beef: And the chicken, pork and seafood. Jason Vires, owner of Drunk Burro Fine Foods home delivery service, lays out boxes of the various cuts of Iowa Steaks brand beef he sells.

Here’s the beef: And the chicken, pork and seafood. Jason Vires, owner of Drunk Burro Fine Foods home delivery service, lays out boxes of the various cuts of Iowa Steaks brand beef he sells.

GOLDEN VALLEY - If the way to someone's heart is really through their stomach, Jason Vires of Golden Valley could become everyone's sweetheart.

Vires is the owner and sole employee of Drunk Burro Fine Foods, a wholesale home delivery service based in Golden Valley. Drunk Burro sells high-quality beef, pork, seafood and chicken at prices lower than those found on the Internet for the same products and brands, including Iowa Steaks.

"You can go online and find the same meat. I sell it for about half the price," Vires said.

The meat comes in cases of mixed cuts. The beef includes bacon-wrapped filets, T-bone, ribeye, New York strip steaks and choice chopped-beef steaks.

The pork case has boneless ribs and chops, stuffed chops, tenderloins, seasoned roasts and cutlets.

Chicken lovers get breaded chicken tenderloins, plain chicken and chicken seasoned in various ways - lemon pepper, Italian, honey Dijon and Santa Fe.

And the seafood assortment consists of shrimp, king crab, catfish, mahi-mahi and orange roughy.

For those who want to really mix it up, Vires will break open cases and mix and match the boxes of meat his customers want.

"I've even cooked for my customers so they can taste it before they spend their hard-earned money," he said. "The meat is all individually flash frozen so you don't have to wake up in the morning and wonder what to thaw for dinner. You just take it out of the freezer and cook it. And, it's vacuum sealed so it's guaranteed to last up to a year in your freezer."

Vires can even special order exotic meats and game, such as alligator and buffalo.

"I can get just about any kind of meat the customer wants, if they order enough to justify the order and delivery," he said. "I just need some advance notice so I can get it to them in time for whatever event or occasion they have coming up."

To help build his business and to introduce more people to his product line, Vires is giving away a box of meat to each new customer who buys a case from him.

"I can't think of a better way to show people what I have to offer them," he said. "I consider it an investment in the business. It creates good will, people love what they taste and then they're my customers forever."

Vires hasn't always been in the food delivery business. He earned a degree in petroleum engineering but left it to pursue a more fulfilling, happy life.

"I was young and I went for the best-paying degree. It didn't take me long to discover I didn't like it at all. It was a really bad fit, so I left it," he said.

Music is his passion when he isn't working, but his Drunk Burro home delivery business is his second love.

"I love my job now," he said, a big smile lighting his face. "I have the easiest job in the world and I meet some great people. The hardest part is just getting people to look at my product, getting the name out there and gaining people's trust. Once they see the product, it sells itself. It's high quality at a decent price. You can't beat that."

Vires has had Drunk Burro Fine Foods since February, and he worked for a similar company for 1-1/2 years before that.

"So I've had the some of the same customers for about two years. My business is similar to Schwan (home food delivery service), but I'm happy to say I have better prices."

The product line isn't as broad as Schwan's but Vires is planning to expand into ice cream in the near future, and hopes to be able to provide turkeys at Thanksgiving, hams at Christmas and other seasonal favorites for other holidays throughout the year.

"I'm in contact with suppliers who could help me get that done," he said. "It's all still in the works and I'll know more later. It would really be nice to have even more of what my customers want and need."

Supplying local restaurants is another option that could open in the near future, he said.

When asked how the company's name came about, Vires grinned. He said a friend was visiting Oatman and came across a wild burro that was becoming a little too rambunctious with the tourists. Locals there advised Vire's friend to give the animal beer to calm it. The method worked. The humorous adventure stuck in Vire's friend's mind and came to the fore when Vires was looking for a company name.

Drunk Burro will deliver wherever and whenever there's a demand for high quality meats.

"I deliver in the summer all over the West and all the way up to Montana," he said. "Locally, the business is year-round and my delivery area is about 100 miles in any direction."

Drunk Burro normally delivers to homes on the regular routes twice a week, but delivery hours actually are any time, any day, including holidays. If his customers burn the Thanksgiving turkey, for example, he can be there in a timely manner with other meat to replace the disaster and save the meal, Vires said.

"Since I work for myself I can set my own hours, and I realize some of my customers will have odd work hours or emergencies," he said. "I waited tables for 12 years, so I learned what customer service and satisfaction are all about."

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