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Tue, May 21

Golden Valley resident considers calls harassing

GOLDEN VALLEY - Don't call Charles Young if you don't have the courtesy to identify yourself.

The Golden Valley resident is hopping mad at a telephone solicitor who called his unlisted home number.

"We got this phone call one evening," Young said. "My wife answered the phone. I wish it had been me."

The caller said he was encouraging Golden Valley residents to vote against incorporation on the Sept. 11 ballot.

"I'm not even registered to vote in Arizona, and my phone number isn't in any of the books," Young said. "I have no idea how they got my number. What really ticks me off, though, is that they wouldn't tell my wife who they were."

He obtained the number of the phone solicitor from his caller ID and tried to return the call, but was met with a mechanical beep that likely indicated a fax machine.

His phone company representative said the number was listed to a business in Chloride.

However, after conducting a reverse phone number search online, Young learned the number actually was listed to a small, home-based business located in the vicinity of South Verde and Abrigo roads in Golden Valley.

He dialed the number again on Thursday morning and a man answered.

"Hi, is this (business name redacted)?" Young asked. "No? Well, who is this?

"The guy didn't say another word. He just hung up on me," Young said. "I don't like it when someone calls and won't tell me who they are, and I don't like it that the guy wouldn't tell me who he is. I consider this phone harassment."

When asked if he would consider a call from pro-incorporation volunteers the same kind of harassment, he replied, "I think it's harassment from anyone who calls my house and won't tell me who they are and then hangs up on me when I call them back. They should at least have the courtesy to tell me their first name."

Opposition to the proposed incorporation of Golden Valley has launched a phone campaign, according to residents, including Young.

The Incorporation Golden Valley committee's volunteers are preparing a phone campaign of their own.

And the Mohave County Democratic Party also will be calling registered Democrats to remind them to vote in the Sept. 11 election.

Greg Long, Democratic Party chairman in Bullhead City, said those volunteers will be taking a non-partisan stance and simply reminding people to vote.


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