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5:43 AM Sat, Dec. 15th

Fed up with KRAP

Having reached the age of 77, I assume I qualify for Mr. Kielsmeier's definition of "elderly or geriatric." I do not belong to RAID, but I agree with their agenda 100 percent. So that qualifies me to be a member of KRAP. It would be more accurate to change his acronym of KRAP to another simple four-letter word that needs no further definition, and is more definitive, and that is CRAP.

When the City Council wants three bond issues passed that would max out the bonding capacity of the city for many years, that is CRAP. When the individual bonds contain many different projects that could have been changed in the future, that is CRAP. When the city wants the OK to sell city property and does not even know what it is worth, and leaves more questions unanswered than answered, that is CRAP.

Yes, we need to progress, but why not do it the right way? Here is a simple example: We need another railroad crossing. There should be a bond issue that spells out the details - is it an over or underpass, where exactly is it going and what is the cost? This process should be applied to all of the separate requests that were lumped together in the three separate bond issues. And we don't need 15 different bond issues all at once. Take the most pressing ones first. The city might be surprised that there is more support this way than they think.

So Mr. Kielsmeier, age has not turned me against growth or progress, age has given me the wisdom, or should I say ability, to recognize CRAP when I see it.

Al Koffman