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Tue, April 23

Skeptical over alleged pit bull attack

Kudos to Lane Plunkett for citing both dog owners in the Feb. 14 article, "Retriever dead after alleged attack by neighborhood pit bulls."

I am skeptical, however. Loose dogs are a big problem here. What actually compounds the problem is people's lack of education regarding typical canine behavior.

They need to be aware that dogs are territorial animals. And bigger trouble occurs when a pack of dogs is allowed to roam loose (more than one dog constitutes a pack, in a dog's mind anyway). When dogs are allowed to roam loose, the whole neighborhood becomes their territory.

It's unfortunate Honda was killed. There's still no hard evidence the pit bulls were responsible for the actual death. Who knows, Honda may have been hit by a car and crawled behind the neighbor's home to die. Or got into rotting garbage.

Still, the owners of all three dogs are to blame. After all, there is a REASON for these laws. Thank goodness the dogs didn't run in front of a car causing an accident. I hope the pit bulls get taken away and are re-homed with a responsible owner for their own protection.

Every time I read a dog attack story, the more I realize it's a "people problem," not a dog problem.

I just wish people would get educated. I still have yet to figure why this story made front-page news.

Debbie Schupp



I think most of your letter addressed your last statement. - Ed


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