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Sat, Jan. 18

A funny thing happened to your funnies

Well, I've got some good news and bad news for readers of the daily comics in the Miner. Really, only readers who like Rubes might not be happy with the results from my request to readers for input on which comics to keep and which ones to do away with.

It turns out, moving things around a bit made it possible to add two new strips and keep all other strips except Rubes. My apologies to the three readers who wrote in asking us to keep it. Many, many more said to ax it. And while we were supposed to begin the new (and improved?) Amusements page tomorrow, I decided, as I usually do, at the last minute, to put the new page together starting today. Yes, my copy editor is whispering things under her breath about me again.

We moved comics around, just to shake things up a bit, but they're all there. Even Dilbert. One reader called in and said he would quit his subscription if Dilbert was taken out. His attitude almost made me take it out, just because I don't like threats, but it remains, mainly because a handful of readers wrote in this last week asking us to keep it. Most readers, at least the ones who responded, wanted it out. They are no longer required to read it. Everyone else, though ...

Peanuts is not in today's paper (the black and white strip), but it will be in Classifieds starting tomorrow. I figure readers can go a day without Charlie's antics. It will appear next to the crossword each day.

We've added Prickly City and the Elderberries. After a month or so, please drop me a line and let me know what you think about them. Prickly is penned by a conservative (yes, some do have a sense of humor), a first I think for comic strip artists. The Elderberries is described as "Hogan's Heroes in a retirement community," whatever that means. We've also added Sudoku puzzles, which, like the daily crossword puzzle, get more difficult as the week goes on. I'm not sure whether today's is easy or hard, but I'm pretty sure tomorrow's will be easy, the start of the week.

Once again, give the new strips some time, then let me know what you think. The goal is an Amusements page that is fun and entertaining.

We need event news early

If you've been in line at Wal-Mart recently, you've seen the TV monitors that run little commercials and other sorts of programming on a loop. One of the features is a local calendar of events with information supplied by the Miner. Because Wal-Mart requires a three-week turnaround, we are having difficulty sending them local events, as most planners in town send us their information less than two weeks out.

We want to get your event onto those TV screens! It's great publicity for you, and it's free for us. So, please remember that other source when planning an event in town. Get us the information at least three weeks before the event takes place, so we can get that information to Wal-Mart.

It's a nice community service Wal-Mart provides, and I, for one, would rather see a local calendar than a calendar listing events outside our city, which runs in place of ours if we do not have local happenings to promote.

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