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4:25 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Photo radar would slow speeders

Several weeks ago I heard on the news that Gov. Napolitano said that she would like to have photo radar statewide. I hope she is able to get the job done. I think it is a very good idea. It is sad when people can't obey the traffic laws. If people would obey the traffic laws they wouldn't have to have cameras, would they?

There are some people who don't think that they should use them. How many times have you seen someone running red lights or speeding and you said to yourself, "Where are the police?" The police can't be everywhere at once. With the photo-radar cameras, the red-light runners and the speeders will get nailed.

If they put them on Beale Street coming into Kingman, I wonder if they could flash fast enough. I am talking where the speed limit goes from 65, down to 55, down to 45 and finally down to 35. I have seen many times, when I'm down to 35, cars are flying by. I know good and well that there are people hitting 45 and 50 when they get to the 35 mph sign.

If they had photo radar along 68 in Golden Valley, they would catch a lot of people. I don't know what the problem is, but people don't seem to like speed limits. If they ever get them in, I don't think they should post where they are at. Just a sign saying photo radar in use.

I see it every day. People come up to an intersection and make a right turn on red and don't bother to stop. Then people wonder why there are so many accidents and our insurance rates keep going up. Accidents just don't happen. They are caused.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley