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Thu, Jan. 23

Minutemen starter will take a political break

Dear editor:

Just one year ago, I started the Mohave County Minutemen. The idea was to create a spontaneous grassroots group in our county, a group of dedicated men and women committed to fighting the plague of the Illegal alien invasion. I am very proud that that idea has manifested into a strong reality.

We all know too well the plight illegal immigration has caused. It is more than higher taxes, reduction of wages, lost jobs, lowered standards of living, higher crime, more drugs, overcrowded schools, and hospitals shutting down. The illegal immigration take-over is the death of America and of our constitutional republic, a death that we must continue to fight to protect the future of this great country.

With this on-going battle in mind, I am writing today to make known my new direction. This is a very dangerous time for this country. The illegal immigration plague and intentional wide-open borders is just a small slice of our problems. That is just one of the symptoms of our near-terminal condition. The cancer is swallowing us up from many other places.

Unfortunately, the source of many of our life-threatening problems has been unleashed on us by our own government. There are so many disasters looming over our heads, whole-heartedly led by un-American globalists in Washington who have hi-jacked our nation.

Some examples are the North American Union, the SPP, the Patriot Act, the Read ID card, fighting no-win world police wars, the UN, the Federal Reserve, threatening gun-bans, financial dependency on China and other foreign governments, our wide open borders, and being sold out by our own leaders in countless ways.

We don't have much time before America, as we know it, is gone.

In all the darkness, however, there is a big glimmer of hope. We have a chance to try to get our country back. In my opinion, that chance is Congressman Ron Paul for president. The time and energy I have right now to fight for this country must be funneled into the Ron Paul presidential campaign, and to do what I can to lead others in zeroing in on the big picture of our problems.

My focus for the next 12-18 months is to support Ron Paul in his quest to save this nation. Ron Paul understands how close we are to becoming the New America with Canada and Mexico, that gun confiscation could certainly be right around the corner and that the corrupt Federal Reserve, which is not federal at all, is run by large, private, global banks, that are annihilating what is left of our economy.

There are many people that still don't realize all of this. The status quo continuing as is will certainly be our demise. Without serious acknowledgement and change, this country will surely and sadly be brought to its knees. Its rebirth will be one mirroring a third-world police state.

So I am hoping that the love and time that everyone put into the Mohave County Minutemen will continue.

I am hoping others can help right now by stepping up and filling any voids that may arise because of my inability to solely focus on the MCMM.

I am still here. I am as passionate and concerned as ever, probably even more so than ever before.

I have learned so much more over the past year, I now see the bigger picture. I just need to establish a benchmark for now. I feel I owe it to the group, to all, to let it be known that I am on a brief hiatus, so to speak, as the organizer or current spokesperson, just so that things are clear.

I am sure that together, others will step up and continue on for now, and we can re-evaluate when this very important election is over.

I thank you all for your efforts, the care you have given, the dedication to accomplish the great things that MCMM has accomplished, the eyes we have opened and the positive changes we did make. And I am sure there are many more to come.


Luca Zanna

Golden Valley

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