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Mon, July 15

Sen. Kyl needs to be a man

Sen. Jon Kyl, are you deaf? You are not listening to the American people and definitely not to the people of Arizona, your constituency. You have turned your back on us and after we voted for you.

Senator, why is it that you cannot stand on your own two feet and be a real man and tell George W. Bush, "No Amnesty!" The American people are saying no amnesty. The good people of Arizona (who voted for you) will remember you as a turncoat and traitor as long as you stand by the lame ducks, George W. Bush, Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Sen. Kyl, stand up and join Sen. Jeff Sessions and listen to the people. Stop listening to the big business corporations and oil companies and Bush, and do what is right for the American people. No amnesty.

Close the border. Build that fence that was approved and the moneys approved but not spent. Stop being a follow-the-leader man and listen to the American people.

Don L. Kline

Golden Valley


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