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Thu, April 25

It doesn't matter where a resident lives in the city

Where do you live?" Time after time, some City Council member will ask a resident of Kingman that question when the resident speaks at a Council meeting objecting to a new or old business item.

I've always thought that it was done to intimidate that person if he or she does not live near the subject of a rezone, preliminary subdivision or other Council business items. Frankly, I don't live near Diamond Street, but it certainly impacts my travel when I take Eastern to the Airway underpass! The point is - it doesn't matter where a person lives - we are citizens of Kingman who are interested in the direction the city is being taken by the Council and city officials. All of us pay taxes - bonds, secondary property taxes and sales taxes for the city of Kingman - and I think it is disrespectful for Council members to ask that question to a citizen of Kingman who has taken his or her time to attend a Council meeting, and I am respectfully requesting the Council eliminate this question!

Conflict of Interest

City Councilman Ray Lyons spoke at least twice at the March 13 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. Once he spoke in front of the commission for off-premise billboard signs. Then, at the end of March, he announced that he had been in touch with a representative of Rhodes Homes and had told that person he would change his no vote to yes on the sale of the four 1-acre well sites in Golden Valley (owned by the city of Kingman) if Rhodes would double his bid (from $75,000 to $150,000 for all four well sites).

I am hoping Mr. Lyons will recuse himself from voting (as a Council member) to preclude any concept of conflict of interest since he has already prejudiced the vote. How can you negotiate a sale price then vote for that project at a Council meeting and remain objective? Whether or not it is illegal, it most definitely is procedurally improper. Council members need to stay neutral - they are no longer private citizens speaking at a public meeting. Mr. Lyons, please remember the fact that the citizens of Kingman are the people you have sworn to represent, not Mr. Rhodes, Celebrate Homes, etc.

Who is RAID?

RAID (Residents Against Irresponsible Development) is not anti-growth! Let's get that straight! We are against irresponsible growth. If Kingman does not grow, it will stagnate. We want our city to grow. We want more shopping and dining choices. We are also not a "dangerous organization" as someone wrote in the newspaper recently!

RAID is comprised of Kingman homeowners - all retired. We have come from coast to coast. Most of us haven't been in the city of Kingman more than 10 years. Some of us are retired military, a couple of us have held real estate licenses in California and Arizona; several members are Elks, we even have a Moose; we're retired California and Arizona county employees. We have a couple of retired law enforcement officers. We have been Boy and Girl Scouts leaders. Some of us have children and grandchildren living here in Kingman. We have no expectations of grandeur - we don't plan to run for office - we just want what we "signed up for" when we packed up and moved here. We are not a special interest group!

Special interest groups

The Kingman-Golden Valley Association of Realtors has publicly stated their entire group is for Kingman Crossing. However, I have heard from many local Realtors that the "Association" does not speak for all of the Realtors.

I have also heard from Chamber of Commerce members who have stated the Chamber does not speak for all members. The spokesperson for the Chamber recently offered to the City Council the Chamber's full support of Kingman Crossing. However, when questioned about the statistics of a recent poll of members, she conveniently "did not bring her statistics." Well, Ms. Liles can thank me because luckily I kept the article from which these statistics were quoted which I think you will find interesting.

Out of 830 businesses registered with the Chamber, Liles' survey took into account 16 percent (130 businesses). Sixteen percent! That number, Ms. Liles, certainly is not anywhere near a majority to make a unanimous approval of any project, much less one that will have huge financial impact on the city for many years to come!

So, if you citizens of Kingman think you should have a stronger voice in what is happening in our city, and you believe that the Kingman Crossing interchange should be put on the November ballot, please contact us at The special interest groups really don't want this put on the ballot, but we believe that everyone who lives in the city of Kingman should have the right to help make this decision. I don't believe this makes RAID anti-growth - do you?


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