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Fri, Dec. 13

It is time to annex North Kingman

I have lived in Kingman for 19 years and feel like I have grown up here. I may not be a member of one of the "old" families here, but I deserve to be treated equally and fairly. I spend my money here, within the city limits, at Wal-Mart, Capellos, AM-PM, etc., just like the rest of you do. However, I live just north of Gordon and I therefore have no rights within this city. I can't vote for the mayor, I can't vote for the City Council people, and I can't vote whether or not we should sell that 160 acres that was the focus of a huge debate at the May 7 Council meeting.

So although I work here, live here, spend my money here and raise my six children here, I have no say in what goes on in this city because I do not live within the city limits. I have no voice and no say so regarding the items that directly affect me! How fair is that?

What happened to the major annexation movement of a few years back? Are we so afraid of Waste Management that we can't do what is right for our city?

Former City Manager Roger Swensen was quoted in the Feb. 24, 2004, paper when asked about annexation by the Council, "annexation presents a different set of financial issues that would have to be considered at another time." Well, I want to know, when is that time? If we continue to ignore it, it gets bigger.

At the meeting, $2.4 million was set aside for land acquisition for parks. No more police officers, no efforts toward annexation, nothing that we really need, nothing that is going to help this city become a better "community." How can we expect that to happen when we are divided by a city-limits line?

If everyone in the "North Kingman" area refused to shop in "Kingman" until we were properly annexed, I wonder how fast it would be done then. There would be a lot of sales tax dollars missing, and how far would the "city" be able to go then? Let's come up with a solution. As was stated at the meeting regarding the Rattlesnake Wash Project, "The longer we wait, the more expensive it gets." It is the same with this. If we continue to wait, it is only going to get worse. I want a voice within the government that runs this city. I deserve that just as everyone who lives in the North Kingman area does. I am tired of hearing about the problem! I want a solution!

Leslie M. Spivey


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