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Thu, Dec. 12

Citizens of Kingman, let's get past this

The BOND issue is not about our City Council. It's about the city of Kingman's FUTURE!

I have to reflect back a couple weeks to the "Walk Away From Drugs" event. Leading up to that event, I remember talking to Capt. Scott Wright about concerns on how many people may, or may not, attend the walk. I assured Scott that when the "need" is there, the citizens of this community come out in force, and they did, by the thousands.

As I looked out over the mass of people that evening, crammed into a very beautiful "piece of art work" called Centennial Park, I not only saw thousands of people gathered for the rally, I saw hundreds playing ball, dozens playing basketball, and still others too numerous to count just enjoying our beautiful park.

With the mass number of people in Centennial Park that evening, I don't understand how anyone can be against the upcoming bond issue to build additional beautiful "pieces of art" called parks.

This community, that always comes together when called upon, is in such desperate need for more parks like the ones proposed in the upcoming bond issue.

There is a certain group of individuals that seem to make a negative out of everything that happens around Kingman lately.

This is the most awesome community I have ever lived in. The people of this community are some of the best and nicest people I have ever met. The people of this community, when called upon, always respond!

I just don't understand how RAID can be so anti-Kingman. They must not be from the same Kingman community I live in and have been a part of for the past 20 years. This is a truly awesome community, which I am very proud to be a part of. I love to see this community thrive and grow. No one wants to be a part of something stagnant.

In my opinion, RAID has the wrong initials - it should be RAAD (Residents Against ALL Development).

All communities need development. This community has grown so much since I moved here 20 years ago. Did I move here because Kingman was a small rural community? You bet I did! Have I grown with the community? You bet I have! Do I like everything that has happened and the way some things have been handled? Not on your life!

The difference - I don't sit back and complain about things, I try and get problems resolved, to help things grow.

I am pro-active in our community. This community needs growth, or like a flower without water and Miracle-gro, we will die.

The bond issue coming up is a perfect example of "water and Miracle-gro" for our "Kingman community flower" - we need that bond issue passed in its entirety.

Look around - we need more parks and recreational areas, we need more/better public safety, and if you have ever driven down Stockton Hill Road, you know we need street improvements!

I wish all the "negative" people would come up with some positive solutions if they don't like the current situation.

While growing up, my mother always told me, "If you don't have something positive to say, don't say anything." RAID, you need to channel all those "negative" thoughts/words to positive thoughts/words about "our community." After all, we all have chosen to live here.

If anyone is really that negative and against the growth of "this flower we call Kingman" - guess what - the road that brought you to "our community," is NOT a one way road! It travels right back where you came from.

PLEASE start to be a part of our community and supply "water and Miracle-gro" to help us grow, and STOP throwing "weed killer" on every new development (called growth) that comes to our community.

Take a look around - Kingman NEEDS growth or we're killing our children and our grandchildren, and our grandchildren's "roots." RAID may be a group of retired individuals who don't have children or grandchildren here in our community, but I DO!

I want to build them a "garden" - I want to give them a legacy - I want to "water and Miracle-gro" this community they live in. This community, to survive and grow, needs the proposed bond issue!

Thank you, Kingman, for allowing me to live in this fantastic community. Thank you for allowing me to raise my son and granddaughter in a community trying to better itself.

Thank you, citizens, of this wonderful community for joining in the walk to heighten the awareness of drugs.

My heart cries tears of joy to see the people of Kingman, as always, rise to the occasion (no matter what it is!)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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