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Thu, Oct. 17

Let's all be a little more like Frank

A Kingman hero died and left us on July 17. However, Frank Esquibel was not only a hero, he was a pioneer. He pioneered this city's Little League program, bringing it so far that Kingman hosted the Arizona State Little League Tournament in 2006.

Here was a man who cared so much for the children of this community that he dedicated his life trying to make their lives better.

For 32 years, Frank volunteered his time for the kids. Kingman was founded in 1882, making the city 125 years old. For over one-quarter of this city's history, this man played an important role in developing good kids. And, for this, the City Parks and Recreation Commission wants us to take their "stand not to name places or things after people" as status quo.

This confuses me. We live in a city named after a person. Lewis Kingman was nothing more than a railroad man and he has a city named after him. He didn't even care about this spot in the desert. Now, the commission wants people to come forward and put it on a commission agenda, rather than doing it themselves, so we can name the Little League field after Frank.

Please, name the field after Frank. He deserves it.

He deserves it because he got it. Frank got that it's all about the kids.

I hear many people scoff at Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village," but she's right, too. Kingman is a village and we all need to do our part to be certain our children's welfare is taken care of. Encouraging our children to participate in extracurricular activities is one way to ensure that when they leave our nests they will enter the big, bad world as functional human beings.

Once they are active in the things that interest them, it is up to us adults to recognize them. This is especially true in the world of sports.

Unfortunately, here at the Miner I am a one-person shop. It is up to me to recognize the children's endeavors here. Though I believe in myself and my work, there is just too much going on in Kingman for me to be able gather all the statistical information and the story lines for the children. I need help.

When a game or story is skipped as a result of my inability to organize it all, I'll be the first say that I blew it. I'm not perfect, but I am conscientious and loyal. I do work hard.

But, when a game or story is skipped because I didn't get the information from a coach or stats keeper for a team, I can not accept the blame in this type of a situation.

I want Kingman to have the best possible LOCAL sports section possible. Together, as a village, we can accomplish this feat.

In fact, we could be pioneers just like Frank.

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