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Tue, April 23

Vet appreciates care he receives from VA

I am a veteran of the armed forces, having served in the U.S. Army. I am very fortunate to have medical care through the VA. The care that I receive, in my opinion, is the very best that anyone could expect or receive from any other medical facility in, yes, the world.

Most veterans under VA care can be treated in any VA hospital in the U.S. or other countries occupied by our forces. I'm a patient at our clinic in Kingman and receive very special care there. Unlike most civilian medical centers, when I'm scheduled for an appointment, I'm usually taken in on time or prior, not an hour or so later.

I'm always received by a very friendly, efficient, professional presentably dressed staff, including: the receptionist, nurses and especially the doctor, who always looks impeccable. After my treatment is completed, I'm then advised of what is required, such as medicine, diet and anything that may be necessary to correct any condition that I currently have, and if needed, a follow-up appointment.

Having said all that I have stated about what I greatly appreciate and never take for granted, my personal concern is about that attitude and misconception about the VA that some have about the care that they receive. There are those (such as the vet who went public about not receiving enough strips to test his diabetes condition) and others who have this self-centered notion that they are owed VA medical care even though they may be entitled to it.

Those who treat us don't deserve the disrespect that they receive by some. I've heard of and witnessed oral abuse such as profane language and unnecessary demands directed at the staff. In the event a veteran receiving VA medical treatment is disturbed about anything regarding their care, in my opinion, they should confer with those within the VA system instead of stating their case to the media or others that should not be involved with issues concerning their grievances.

These dedicated employees at the VA clinic could possibly receive more money and respect elsewhere, so let's show them our appreciation for what they do for us. Also, please consider the great burden that the VA has providing health care for the many of us who receive it. We should be thankful that we live in a country that provides such an important service to us, our health care. Remember the many who don't have that special benefit.

John P. Rattan



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