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Mon, Jan. 27

Some sunshine is good for you
UV Naturals wins People's Chemist Approved Award

I DO NOT work for this company or make ANY profits from it.

Raising children is the most difficult and rewarding thing I've ever done.

And, while my wife and I have very different parenting strategies, we both agree on one thing: Give the kids lots of sun exposure and NEVER smear cancer cream - known to others as sunscreen - on their skin.

During the summer, this has caused us to stick out like a skinny person at McDonald's - or anywhere for that matter.

When families congregate at the pool or beach, there is a ritual. It goes like this:

• First, pack in as much sugar as you can shove down your pie-hole during the 60 minutes you are there.

• Second, get out a big ugly hat that accentuates all that "junk in the trunk."

• Third, give the kids a gallon of juice (to wash down the brownies) so they don't dehydrate under the sun's death ray. (Amazes me that parents still think juice is healthy.)

• Fourth, smear sunscreen all over your kids as fast as you possibly can, because even 5 minutes under the sun might instantly kill a sugar-addicted kid (parents actually believe this).

• And finally, look around to make sure all the other parents aren't neglecting to slather the poison all over their children ... fat mom's never forget this step in the ritual.

Then, my family enters.

One nearby mom alone usually outweighs all four of us. We're already hated.

And to top it off, we might as well be the sugar and sun-block Nazi's.

Beach minimalists, we tote Perrier - maybe some fruit and organic sunflower seeds, if staying longer than two hours. And the sunscreen is clearly missing.

Like Bill Clinton at a nude beach, my kids are stripped down and exposed to the death ray before I can make sure the Dad's aren't looking at my wife too closely - she follows the "AM-PM Fat Loss Discovery."

It's obvious we are not following the ritual I just described.

Our apparent disregard for the sun's death ray attracts all kinds of hissing, snorting and nasty looks from neighboring moms, at least until I give my famous, "My kids are gonna kick your honor student's butt" look.

I guess if I were more diplomatic and friendly, I could explain the following three reasons not to put this garbage on your kids:

1. It blocks the production of melanin, the pigment causing a protective tan to form, resulting in higher risk of skin cancer, melanoma.

2. Sunscreen blocks the production of Vitamin D. Reduced Vitamin D causes catastrophic effects like obesity, depression, heart disease and cancer.

3. Many of the chemicals found in sunscreens are actually carcinogenic - cancer causing - and estrogenic.

Here is a list of those chemicals: Benzophenones, such as dixoybenzone, oxybenzone; PABA and PABA esters, including ethyl dihydroxy propyl PAB, glyceryl PABA, p-aminobenzoic acid, padimate-O or octyl dimethyl PABA; cinnamates, such as cinoxate, ethylhexyl p-methoxycinnamate, octocrylene or octyl methoxycinnamate; salicylates, including ethylhexyl salicylate, homosalate or octyl salicylate; digalloyl trioleate, menthyl anthranilate and avobenzone.

Contrary to what corporate America dictates, sunshine is not a death ray, but rather a healing ray. There is absolutely no reason to be using sunscreen.

Here are four main benefits of sun exposure:

• It boosts neuropeptides that make us happy and prevent us from eating our body weight in beef jerky.

• It reduces risk of skin cancer and 16 other types of cancer.

• It reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Sunlight and Vitamin D increase bone density, courtesy of enhanced mineralization. Say no to Boniva; say yes to sun.

• Sun exposure increases sex drive. Not that I want my kids' libido to be rockin', but this is good info for the Dad who needs to get his bedroom energy back - man boobs or not.

Granted, there are times when we are exposed to sun for way too long - two hours or more. Covering yourself then makes sense, but not with conventional sunscreen. Use UV Naturals!

I do not work for this company and I do not sell this product.

I traveled 1,500 miles round trip by motorcycle to question UV Naturals and examine their product in person. It's fantastic and safe enough to eat.

And it will actually help your skin look and feel younger, thanks to the many natural "youthanizers" it uses!

Here are five benefits of using UV Naturals:

• Contains ZERO chemicals.

• Safe for both body and face for adults and infants.

• Allows production of melanin and Vitamin D while protecting your skin from excess sun exposure.

• Won't wash off in easily in water.

• Won't burn your eyes.

I consulted with Early to Rise Publishing and authors Jon Herring and Dr. Al Sears regarding sun exposure and how to keep youthful looking skin for as long as possible.

You don't want to ignore this groundbreaking book. They worked on it for more than three years! If you want vibrant young skin and all the anti-aging benefits of sun exposure, go to

Spend five minutes reading all about it!

More People's Chemist Approved info is coming soon!

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