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Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: Mercury bulbs: genocide or insanity?

Recently, NBC News anchor Brian Williams revealed that the government is mandating that fluorescent bulbs be used for all lighting beginning in 2016 to save energy. Williams also revealed that there was a downside to the mandate: the bulbs contain mercury, one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world. He said a woman dropped one of the bulbs, and it cost $2,000 to get a crew to clean it up.

The mandating of mercury-laden bulbs is either insanity or genocide. When the bulbs expire, they must be taken to a special disposal facility. How many people are going to drive the old bulbs to a disposal center? Not many. That means all the homes in America and the dumps and the land will be depositories of mercury. This threat rivals the use of land mines in making land unsafe to walk on. The whole country and population could be destroyed. Outside terrorists won't be needed; we will be the terrorists.

I wrote to Sen. Jon Kyl and asked him to demand an investigation by a non-governmental entity to find out who instituted this madness. I suggested that the entity should break some of the bulbs in its own presence to determine safety.

Last month, Arizona Public Service included a piece of literature with its electric bill that said the bulbs do contain mercury. (Evidently, APS has been receiving complaints.) However, it said not to worry. My advice: worry, plus don't buy fluorescent bulbs.

This assault is not unique. A few years ago, I bought a CD player in Prescott Valley. When I got home, I discovered a tag that said that the cord had carcinogenic properties. I didn't want to drive back to Prescott Valley, so I just got rid of the player. Once I bought a garden hose, and when I got home, I found a label that said I should wash my hands every time I touched it because it contained ingredients that caused cancer. I returned the hose. Recently, a technician bought a surge protector for me to use for my computer. I decided I wouldn't need the box it came in. However, before disposing of the box, I decided to read what was printed on its surface under "Warning." Here is what it said: "California Proposition 65 Warning. Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm."

Two conclusions come to mind. One, everyone is concerned about cancer and yet they're using products that cause cancer. Does that make sense? Two, don't look to the government for protection. In one department, the government is permitting carcinogenic products to be made. Meanwhile, another department is labeling such products as dangerous which is helpful even though most people don't read labels.

In summary, we are being assaulted on all sides. What with contaminated meat, tomatoes, pet food, toys, etc., hadn't we better start adding one and one and start realizing we are under siege?

Arden Druce

Camp Verde

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