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Thu, April 25

Column: I choose ... more choices

Wouldn't it be great if we could have two presidents run the country? The Democrat would be in charge internally, while the Republican would handle foreign affairs. Think about it. Every time we pick a president, it boils down to which aspect is the most important to us at the time.

Take this upcoming election (please). On one side, we have a man focused on making working Americans' lives better. He is filled with ideas, he thinks outside the box (and outside the Beltway), and he intends to right the wrongs Americans face in their daily lives. Barack Obama will fix the economy, he will fix our dismal health-care system, and he will find ways to get more money into the pockets of the people here who need it.

Obama, however, will not stand up to the biggest threat this world faces: extreme fanaticism. His silly European tour did not convince me that he understands the awesome threat that al-Qaida presents to America and all civilized nations. I do not want a president who sympathizes with Iran or North Korea. I do not want a president who wants to talk to al-Qaida or the Taliban in Afghanistan, in an effort to gain an understanding of their feelings. We know their feelings. They want to destroy America.

I want a president who tells the leaders of these countries that we will not accept them having nuclear capabilities and backs that up with the massive power of military force. I want a president who recognizes the threat that extreme Islam poses to democratic societies and is determined to thwart these fanatics at every turn. That man is John McCain.

McCain will not allow Iran to build nuclear bombs. McCain will not listen to the crap North Korea spews. He will not back away from the Middle East freaks who want to destroy our way of life. He will send the message to the whole world that America is compassionate, but we also carry a very big stick.

If you threaten us, we will respond ten-fold. We are still a superpower, and if you mess with us, you'll find out exactly what that means!

But McCain will not fix the high gas prices. He will not secure our God-given right to free health care. He certainly won't create a solution to the illegal immigration problem plaguing our country. His ideas are older than he is. He does not inspire, he has little passion, he is stubborn and he's ignorant to the problems Americans face in their everyday lives.

So, once again, it comes down to a choice. What is most important to you? Do you want a president who aggressively pursues solutions to the many problems we face in our daily lives, or do you want a president who will protect us, who will stand up to the extremists in the world? Unfortunately, you can't have both. You have to choose one or the other.

The 2008 presidential election is not about race, no matter what the many racists in our society say. It's not about age either, so don't listen to the folks who say McCain is too old to run our country. It's not about big ears or puffy faces. It's about you, and what values you hold highest. You have a monumental choice to make.

The fate of America hinges on your decision.


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