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Tue, July 16

Column: Ready to see what the Council will do

Welcome to John Salem, Robin Gordon, Keith Walker and Carole Young - the new additions to our City Council!

I was worried before the petitions were pulled that we wouldn't get many people to run and it would be the "same old, same old" running the city for another term. But the future leaders of Kingman stepped up and did a great job gathering the necessary signatures to put their names on the primary. Actually, the voters had a difficult time only being able to pick four Council members because there were so many good prospects. We are looking for great leadership from all of you. If this Council makes the fair decisions and watches out for the best interests of the residents the community won't have much to do except enjoy the growth and prosperity our great location, wonderful climate and terrific people warrant.

Town Hall meetings

Please try to attend the Town Hall meetings that are being regularly scheduled that give citizens the chance to ask our elected officials questions or state concerns. These meetings have been well attended, and according to both the attending Council members and the citizens, everyone has really enjoyed the experience. And for anyone who writes hate articles saying they wouldn't attend any meetings that RAID is involved in (simply arranging the location and dates for the meetings at the request of the City Council), you have to ask yourself what these people are trying to keep the public from hearing?

Downtown historic area

If you have attended any of the Town Hall meetings, you were able to see the beautiful Old Elks Hall, which Scott Dunton has restored. We have an absolutely undeveloped gold mine in our Route 66/Beale downtown area.

We, all the people in Kingman, not just the merchants, business owners and realtors, need to join in to create the personality that will draw in tourists driving past Kingman on Interstate 40. We need them to stop in our city and bring money to our businesses and additional sales tax to our city. We have business owners here who have some excellent ideas to promote our historic Kingman area and I'm sure in the next few months our Council will be hearing from members of our community and, hopefully, challenge all of us to bring ideas to the table to move our economy forward.

RAID bashing

There is a couple who have recently been very vocal in bashing the Residents Against Irresponsible Development and there is also a small real estate office on Stockton Hill Road who uses a signboard. Last year, one said, "Come on in, you can read our e-mails" (evidently in response to the City's e-mails that Beecher and his cronies spent so much time writing)! A recent sign attacked RAID. Why? For being active members of the community? I know of a couple of people who have already backed away from using the realtors in this office due to their disrespectful attitude.

The reason any group gets started is for a common good, be it the PTA, NABA, Kingman-Golden Valley Realtors Association or CIVIC, the volunteers of the many organizations who assist the sick and the needy or many of the really important city-sponsored committees. In past years, individuals going before the City Council never had much of a chance to get anything done. Some of these frustrated individuals kind of "found" others who were also frustrated. (And everyone has the right to speak out - there is that bit about free speech in something called the First Amendment.) That is a good thing. But it is the voters of the city of Kingman who ultimately change the makeup of the city.

Farewell Nick

You may or may not know that Daily Miner reporter extraordinaire Nicholas Wilbur has resigned - and he will be missed! He is the Woodward or Bernstein of today's news media! Nick is a great investigative reporter and I always found his reporting to be honest, crisp, clean, ethical and educational. (There were a few articles that were over my head, but I just had to admit that the kid was just way, way smarter than me.) Nick has a wry sense of humor and I'll miss his editorials and his and Mark's Point-Counterpoint columns. Kingman will be poorer in resources but richer in memories and, one of these days, when he's a star, we can all brag that we knew him when!


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