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Tue, Nov. 19

Letter: Speed limit is too slow

The speed limit on Bank Street from Airway to Gordon is unreasonably slow: 35 mph is not a reasonable speed for this section of roadway.

When the road was two lanes and unlit, with no shoulders or curbs, 35 was an acceptable speed. With the vast improvements in the road surface, the installation of two additional traffic lanes, paved shoulders, concrete curbs, night lighting and a center turn lane, the 35 mph limit still remains. Why? Did the city of Kingman get a good deal on 35 mph signs from e-Bay?

Many people complain about the traffic on Stockton Hill Road. Where is the incentive for people to use Bank Street if the speed limits are the same? There is really not much built on Bank to warrant such a restricted limit - only two businesses and a church on the whole length of the road.

When Bank starts to fill in, I could see such a limit. Presently, however, the vast majority of the traffic flow is going from one end of the street to the other (in a big city this would be called an expressway), unlike Stockton Hill, where people are pulling in and out of businesses. Some people who have ventured out of Kingman may have encountered what is called Highway 95 in Bullhead City. This roadway is constructed similar to Bank Street, with two traffic lanes in opposite directions, concrete curbs, a turn lane and night lighting. But that is where the similarities end.

Almost all of Highway 95 is 45 mph or higher, it is the main business corridor of the community, it has sections where the sight distance is limited, but the speed limit stays the same. It does not offer paved shoulders, and I would estimate it carries many, many times the traffic as Bank does. Some may say that the high school is on Bank and we need the limit slower so kids won't speed. Right, I was a kid once!

Responsible kids do not speed. Besides, in Bullhead, the high school is right on 95. It is also a closed campus, and they don't have a 15 mph speed zone for their kids. Why do we have one and they don't? Are they not as caring about their kids, or do we just have a traffic blockage going on? Let's get the City Council to take some speed limit fiber and unblock the traffic flow.

Mervin Fried


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