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Mon, Nov. 18

There is a real-life "GRINCH" in our North Kingman neighborhood!

This REAL GRINCH stole Christmas from a REAL family right in our neighborhood! This GRINCH opened up a family's mailbox, took a letter from Toys for Tots out and waltzed down on Friday around 4 p.m., got a pick-up number of 200 and something, walked up, got the gift packages and waltzed right back out the door!

When the mother who should have received the packages went to pick up the gifts on Saturday, she was informed that they were already picked up the day before. She pleaded with them that it was impossible because she was unable to get them due to the fact she was at work. Sorry to say that they told her it was too bad, they couldn't do anything about it. If you think about it, there has been several crimes committed here.

First, it is a federal crime to steal mail out of a mail box that does not belong to you. This crime is prosecutable by the federal government and one could end up in the federal penitentiary. Second, posing as someone else is essentially identity theft and that can hold stiff penalties of jail time! Third, fraud has been committed receiving items under false pretenses. I am sure that someone of this nature has no conscience, for if they did, this GRINCHINESS would have never happened!

To the thief, I certainly hope you will not get another restful night's sleep ever again. I hope the tears of these innocent children haunt you for the rest of your life.

On another level, I don't understand why Toys for Tots doesn't make it a mandatory requirement to present at least 2 forms of identification as well as the letter when picking up these precious gifts. Maybe this should be implemented before next year's GRINCH gets hold of another pick-up letter or letters?

For the GRINCH, DO THE RIGHT THING AND RETURN THOSE GIFTS! You know who this family is and know where they live, so just return the gifts to them and be like the GRINCH of WHOVILLE and put the smiles back on those children's faces.

By the way, the family has a good idea as to who you are and information has been reported to the postmaster for your mail theft. Next year, go apply for assistance yourself!

For the community, I ask that anyone having any knowledge of this horrible Christmas crime do the right thing and report what you know to the proper authorities ASAP. Someone out there knows something. For those who would like to help this family have a Christmas, please respond to this letter and donate what you are able to Toys for Tots with the name "I AM NOT A GRINCH" attached to the gifts so they can give this family gifts for Christmas just in case the real GRINCH doesn't have a heart and fails to return the gifts.

TO Toys for Tots, please accept any gifts for this family under the name listed above so that the right thing can be done.

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