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Mon, March 18

Scouts upset by cookie column

Girl Scout Cookie sales destroying our future? Seriously, Mr. Tom Purcell needs to get a grip. Where would Girl Scouts be without our world famous cookies? Millions upon millions of cookie lovers look forward to purchasing our products. They buy the Thin Mints and horde them in their freezers to enjoy year round. Would you deprive a chocoholic chocolate? I think not; just try to take mine away.

You talk of trans fat; have you actually read about our product? Zero grams of trans fat, no preservatives are added. Each box is labeled with a diet exchange so you can enjoy them at your leisure. Should we ask to have the label changed to "Handle with care, this product may cause addiction"? Be an adult and eat in moderation.

Diabetics. I'm one myself and let me tell how scrumptious the sugar-free chocolate chip cookies are this year. You cannot tell there is absolutely no sugar in them. Do your homework.

So you think we are destroying the environment? How many cups of designer coffee in those Styrofoam cups do you consume per year? Our troop practices conservation. We have implemented the 5-5-5 rule on toilet paper (use 5 squares, if that's not enough, use 5 more until clean) we would like to challenge you to try; we are saving trees from endless slaughter. Recycling is the Girl Scout way. You should take a look at all of the neat projects we make out of used coffee cans, plastic bottles, egg cartons (the list is endless). We have learned that most everything is useable in one way or another.

To an adult reader your article could be considered amusing, perhaps even hilarious. But not so to a Girl Scout. Did you stop to think of the children who actually read newspapers? I am a Girl Scout leader with girls ranging in age from 8 to 13, and my ears have been burning from my upset Scouts. At this point, they would love to see you tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail! (Another good old American tradition.) But, that is not the way we do things. Send me your address and our troop will be more than happy to mail you cookies. Free of cost to you, as we do not want you to feel exploited.

Terry Thompson



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