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Wed, May 22

Long-time hunter does the math

In response to three articles written and published in the Miner in the month of January:

First, allow me to comment on the article that was about a desert ram hunt. I would like to say to both guide and hunter: congratulations on a hard and very rewarding hunt.

Second, I also want to say to the young man who shot his first bull elk in unit 9: bravo, good job, congratulations, you got a respectable bull.

Third, I wish to address the deer hunt in 13B, the northern Arizona strip, where the bucks get to be monsters with 48-inch spreads and long points hanging every which way. The base of their horns are the size of your forearm, horns that can be 32 inches high.

That's why hunters from around the world put in for 13A/13B in hopes of spotting one of these bucks sneaking around and putting him on their den wall - a hunter's dream!

What I don't understand in the article is three professional guides/hunters who claim to know the country well. One guide/hunter who has a tag becomes a client. He's guided to within 370 yards, and, oops! Is it deer season yet? You would think with three guides/hunters that they would have tried to get a monster buck. Instead, on the first day, they shoot a 30-inch 6x6 non-typical. If you look real close at the buck you see a white ring of dried milk around its lips. The B&C score does not say official. If you call a 30-inch buck a monster, what's a 36-, 42-, 48-inch buck?

My family has been hunting Arizona since before the '60s and has been kicking, jumping and shooting 30-inch bucks south of the Grand Canyon for years. A 30-inch spread loses five inches in 90 days of dry out time, so you end up with a 25-inch spread.

One of the privileges of hunting 13A/13B is that you can get away from other hunters, so when you find a buck with milk dripping from his lips, you can keep an eye on him while hunting a sneaky, mossy-horn buck. Be ready to shoot 1,000 yards, for a monster buck did not get huge by being dumb.

The article was exciting to read all about scouting and enough shooting for a gunfight. It never said if the other client got a buck or what; the article said they had found several bucks. What I said was in fun. I have to say congratulations to two guide/hunters who got a impressive, respectable buck in 13B.

Clyde Thomason

Florence, Ariz.


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