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Tue, July 16

The best and worst all-time sports movies

Seeing how it is that I attend local sports events as I do and that it is akin to waterboarding, I've decided to have some fun this week. As a sports reporter, I feel that I have the credentials to let you know what I think are the all-time best sports movies out there.

I also need to let you know what I think the worst movies are as well. I narrowed my best down to 10. I've thrown in five honorable mentions as well. Here we go, starting with the worst, in descending order.

5. "Any Given Sunday" I was plain and simply bored. Oliver Stone had a lot to work with, but he didn't come through. I wasn't able to wrap my head around Cameron Diaz as an owner of a football team.

4. "Rocky" and all the sad sequels that followed this debacle. Sylvester Stallone never did give Chuck "The Bayonne Bomber" Wepner the credit he deserved after Wepner took Muhammad Ali the distance in 1975.

3. "All The Right Moves" Who would have known that years after landing his first title role, Tom Cruise would grow up to be a cult leader.

2. "The Replacements" An easy choice to be in the worst sports movies category, I agree. However, I can't pass up the opportunity to bash Keanu Reeves in print.

1. "Heaven Can Wait" Yes, it can, and I wish I had. Sorry, boss, but you can't bash "Forrest Gump" and then want people to get on bored (sic) with this heap of trash.

And now, allow me to offer you the good stuff.

The best sports movies of all time as selected by your knowledgeable sport reporter. First, the honorable mentions by alphabetical order because it has proven too difficult for me to decide. On any other day, these movies could have easily cracked the top 10.

The "Air Up There," "Eight Men Out," "The Hustler," "Remember The Titans," and "Rounders" are the honorable mentions for the best sports movies ever. These movies showcased actors Kevin Bacon, John Cusack, Paul Newman, Denzel Washington and Matt Damon. Need I say more?

10. "Victory" Though I'm not a big Stallone fan, this was a great soccer movie. Anytime a player is willing to sacrifice his freedom for the greater good of his team gets an atta boy.

9. "Searching For Bobby Fischer" This tale will always need to be told as long as we want our children to grow up to be competitive. The movie does a great job in warning us parents about the downside of driving our kids to do something.

8. "Raging Bull" One of Robert DeNiro's best films ever made. His portrayal of Jake LaMotta after being pummeled by Sugar Ray Robinson is one for the memory books. "You never knocked me down, Ray. You never knocked me down!"

7. "The Longest Yard" Yes, I am talking about the original made in 1974 starring Burt Reynolds. This is such a profound film that every cheerleading squad in America should take note of this movie. "U-G-L-Y! You ain't got no alibi! You ugly!"

6. "The Legend of Bagger Vance" This golf movie gave an extraordinary teaching of how to see the path of the ball before you hit it. It sure makes you feel good, too.

5. "Let It Ride" If you like to bet the ponies, this one will stay with you forever. Taking every penny you have to the track and letting it ride will only have you declaring, "God really likes me!"

4. "Inside Moves" This is a great basketball movie that gives power to the powerless. Jerry and Roary give us a friendship that is true and refreshing.

3. "A League Of Their Own" A movie that can make me like Geena Davis has to be ranked very high. Whenever I'm grazing through the channels and come upon this one, I stay tuned until the end.

2. "Hoosiers" Based on a true story. Next to Kingman High and Kingman Academy, Hickory High is on my list for favorite high schools.

If you can't hear the drum roll, you're not listening. The No. 1 sports movie of all time is:

1. "Herbie Fully Loaded" This racing film forces me to keep a promise I've made for life. We Lindsay Lohan fans must stick together.

Feel free to watch and enjoy all of my excellent choices.


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